Jay Leno Narrowly Escapes Motorcycle Crash [Video]

A new video surfaced this week showing a motorcycle crash that nearly involved Jay Leno.

Leno was riding his motorcycle in the “Love Ride” last October in California with several other motorcyclists when two riders crashed into each other just a few feet from the talk show host. Leno was able to ride away from the crash as the other riders are thrown to the pavement.

According to Anti Music, the video gives a glimpse of Leno’s near motorcycle accident but it also may prove that the wrong person was blamed for the crash.

TMZ reports that Christina Silva, the woman who recorded the incident with her helmet cam, was blamed for the accident. Silva was banned from the “Love Ride” this year. The female motorcyclists has now released the video in an attempt to get her ban lifted.

According to Silva, the two riders who actually caused the accident were the ones pointing fingers in her direction.

Here’s the video from TMZ. Do you think the rider with the helmet cam was responsible for the crash?

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