‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Kristen Doute Reveals Why She Can’t Forgive James Kennedy

Kristen Doute has been very vocal this season of Vanderpump Rules, even though the season is only three episodes in. Kristen wasn’t too happy during the season premiere when the cast went to the OK! Magazine party, where James Kennedy and Lala Kent tried to ruin the party by showing up drunk and making jokes about Katie Maloney’s body. All of Katie’s friends were quick to defend her, saying that they should leave and stop questioning her about possibly being pregnant. While James blamed his bad behavior on his parents who had just gotten divorced, Lala said that she didn’t feel bad about her behavior as her co-stars had been just as bad as her.

According to a new Bravo report, Kristen Doute is now revealing that she experienced some backlash for speaking her mind on social media recently. As it turns out, Doute didn’t like how James and Lala attacked Katie for her body curves, so she decided to use social media to explain her situation. As it turns out, she wanted to defend her friend but Vanderpump Rules viewers thought she may be the wrong person to do so.

“I got some backlash on social media kind of saying the same thing that one would think that I could understand what it’s like,” Kristen Doute explains to The Daily Dish about why she can’t forgive James for his behavior, adding that she takes full responsibility for her own actions, sharing, “I take full responsibility for bringing James into this group, and I apologize on the daily… It’s so my fault.”

Of course, Kristen Doute also has the argument that she simply hasn’t known Lala Kent and James for that long. Even though she brought James into the group after she broke up with Tom Sandoval, she doesn’t put him on a higher pedestal than her other friends. Some people called Kristen Doute hypocritical of being so harsh with Lala and Kennedy, as she had been quick to forgive Scheana Shay, Katie Maloney, and Stassi Schroeder in the past. She’s even hanging around Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor, even though they have shown little respect for her in the past.


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But it sounds like Kristen would rather work on a long-term friendship and focus on forgiveness there than with someone who has just joined her group recently. Some people were shocked that she would let Stassi return to the group after being absent for so long and after her behavior in the past. And maybe if Doute can forgive that behavior, she will also be able to forgive Lala and Kennedy in the future.

“We don’t have a history with them, and I think there’s really something huge to be said for having history, hence why someone like Stassi [Schroeder] can even be in the same room with Jax [Taylor]. It’s just we’ve all been through so much together for so many years. It’s not as if one of our best friends hurt our feelings, so we can just forgive,” Kristen Doute explains to The Daily Dish, according to Bravo, adding, “It’s just these two random people that continue to be rude and crude and mean. It’s just kind of like, it’s not worth our time.”

These days, it sounds like Kristen Doute is taking the sides of her co-stars who want nothing to do with Lala and Kennedy.

What do you think of Kristen Doute defending Katie Maloney on social media? Do you think it makes sense that she doesn’t want to forgive James Kennedy and Lala Kent for their behavior, as she hasn’t known them for that long?

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