‘This Is Us’ Recap: Thanksgiving Episode Had Plane Drama, Weight Loss Choice And More [Spoilers]

Now that the This is Us episode titled “Pilgrim Rick” has aired, the hot and heavy search for This is Us recap news is underway.

Warning: This article contains This is Us recap spoilers, therefore, if you haven’t watched the latest This is Us episode and don’t want to know This is Us spoilers — even though you may have Googled “This is Us recap” to find this recap — read no further.

The This is Us recap of “Pilgrim Rick” — as reported by Entertainment Weekly — includes a shifting and bonding relationship between This is Us brothers Kevin and Randall. Whereas flashbacks of the characters of Justin Hartley (Kevin) and Sterling K. Brown (Randall) have shown just how troubled the brothers have found navigating a kinship fraught with issues of race, adoption and competition for love, the “Pilgrim Rick” episode showed that bond growing. So much so that an excited and grown Randall jumped atop Kevin on Thanksgiving Day to wake him up with a pile-driver sort of move in bed.

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In further This Is Us recap news, as reported by Vulture, Randall joked with Kevin about how hot he was as a Thanksgiving Day dad — teasing Kevin about how attractive Kevin’s new girlfriend/non-girlfriend/actress partner might find him. With quips about Randall being as cool as the other side of the pillow — “You feel me?” — Randall was all smiles during the first part of the Thanksgiving Day-centered episode.

That is, until Randall discovered the big secret that his wife Beth already discovered: William and Rebecca met years ago. And in this This is Us recap, might it be stated just how boldly Beth approached her mother-in-law and demanded that Rebecca tell Randall the big secret before Thanksgiving Day was over — or threatened that Beth would tell Randall the secret since Beth claimed there were no secrets in her marriage.

The main This Is Us recap pieces about the pivotal Pearson Thanksgiving, such as the one reported by Yahoo TV, focus on recapping the manner in which the Thanksgiving episode flashed back to a Thanksgiving Day that found Jack and Rebecca traveling with the kids to Rebecca’s parents’ home. However, a blown tire was the blessing in disguise that convinced Rebecca never to have to subject her kids to the subtle racism and control alluded to in the episode. Randall complained about his grandparents telling him to get out of the annual Thanksgiving photo so that they could take a picture of “just the twins,” Kate and Kevin.

Other This Is Us recaps, such as one by Mashable, highlight the ball of yarn passed around by the family, representing the unraveling sweater that Kate’s grandmother knitted or crocheted for her years ago — a sweater that she was able to shed as soon as Rebecca decided she would never travel home for Thanksgiving again.

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This is Us had and has viewers still hanging on the edge of their seats beyond the recap articles, seeing as though so many unresolved storylines are slowly being unfurled. Kate told Toby that she just couldn’t handle her relationship anymore with Toby gorging on food right in front of her. Toby asked if Kate would just throw him away in order to get herself together and her eating under control. In one moment inside the This is Us NBC drama, viewers were left wondering if Kate would abandon her own family and go back to get Toby for Thanksgiving after turbulence on a plane made her fear for her life.

Instead, Kate made a pivotal decision to get gastric bypass surgery — something that another character in her weight-loss group had gotten, and had experienced a 30-pound weight loss by undergoing. This is Us proved that Kate was prepared as an overweight character boarding a plane. She had purchased two seats on a plane and knew all about the seatbelt extender — and surprisingly sat next to a woman who glared at Kate, until she held her hand when she too feared death on the plane. That woman had her own troubles: an obviously cheating husband who the woman decided to divorce.

Meanwhile, most This is Us viewers are likely waiting for the This is Us recap that shows the death of Jack’s character, played by Milo Ventimiglia — since previous spoilers and recaps have already revealed his death.

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