PS4 Pro Vs. PS4: Pros And Cons Of Upgrading To Sony’s New Gaming Console

PS4 Pro vs. PS4 is one of today’s most talked about comparisons between game consoles from the same family for a couple of significant reasons.

Sony had been busier than Santa Claus this year as it released a couple of new products including a slimmer PlayStation 4 and the new PlayStation VR. But if you think they stopped there, you’re dead wrong.

Recently, Sony introduced an upgrade to PS4 that was previously known in rumors as PS4 Neo. Described as “the super-charged PS4,” the PS4 Pro promises a dynamic gaming and entertainment experience with its 4K HDR graphics that run at a higher frame rate versus the PS4.

Because of this, many compared the new PS4 Pro vs. PS4 in ways that will scrutinize every significant part of each console to determine its value for money.

Trusted Reviews declared the newer console as the winner in PS4 Pro vs. PS4 reviews focusing on speed and processing power as it packs a 4.20 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ GPU which is twice as fast as its predecessor.

Meanwhile, The Week deemed the recently launched console as the winner in the PS4 Pro vs. PS4 comparison in terms of design because of its compactness. It also lauded the extra layer added on top of it as well as the additional ports for USB and optical output.

In terms of graphics, PS4 Pro is supposedly better with its 4K HDR support that is basically the biggest selling point of the new console against the older PS4 version.

Unfortunately, there are those who doubt that upgrading to the new PS4 Pro is worth it as users who first tried the new console reported a disappointing experience.

The most compelling reason why people compare PS4 Pro vs. PS4 revolves around the issues with connecting with players’ TVs even after promising HDR compatibility.

Earlier in November, Forbes revealed a PS4 Pro failure in terms of TV connection where users find themselves with glaring blank screens when they were promised an enticing 4K HDR imagery.

Apparently, players who procured the recently released console from Sony are reporting the same issue with different models of television sets including LG, Samsung, Philips, Vizio, and even Sony.

Of course, the issue is not present in all TV sets with the same model which may support Sony’s answer to complaints about the matter as quoted in another report from Forbes.

“We are aware of the reports, but we encourage our users to first check their TV settings, firmware, or HDMI to make sure that the TV is capable of supporting both 4K and HDR and that TV and PS4 Pro are connected appropriately.”

According to Forbes, this basically suggests that Sony is not taking any blame or even giving some to the TV manufacturers but rather is pointing its finger towards the PS4 Pro owners themselves.

On its own, this sounds a bit like a criticism on the players’ part which may hurt PS4 Pro’s sales or worse—the entire Sony patronage.

Forbes also pointed out that it would have been better for both Sony and its customers if the company’s response to the issue was a bit more helpful than antagonizing.

“Sony has had a week to come up with a position on this issue, and it seems to me that just offering a single line with no background information (for instance, there’s not a hint as to what TV settings people need to check, or what “connected appropriately” means) just doesn’t go far enough.”

With this issue on deck as well as the Black Friday 2016 shopping event coming, Sony probably should make sure that the newer console wins the ongoing PS4 Pro vs. PS4 comparison if only to make their latest investment worthwhile.

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