Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Not Getting Divorced

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not headed for divorce contrary to the rumors that have been circulating the internet suggesting that the two are parting ways.

Kim and Kanye have been facing one controversy after another and they have both been under a lot of pressure. This has led to wrong assumptions that they are on the verge of a divorce. However, that is far from the truth. Kanye was recently hospitalized after canceling his Saint Pablo tour. There reports claiming that Kanye was hospitalized against his will but sources have reported that he agreed to go to the hospital at will.

“He is exhausted and currently dealing with sleep deprivation. He went to the hospital at will under the advice of his physician. He’s fine,” one source told People.

Kim was on her way to the Angel Ball in New York when he got news that Kanye had been hospitalized. She got on a plane and went back to Los Angeles to be with her husband. That would have been the first time that Kim attended a public event but unfortunately Kanye’s hospitalization meant she had to go be by his side. The source giving the details also pointed out that Kim was amazing as a wife to Kanye and that she and her friends were supporting Kanye’s recovery.

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There have been concerns about Kanye’s temper. During one of his performances, he paused and started another one of his famous rants and called out Beyonce and Jay Z for not visiting them after Kim’s robbery in Paris. Later on, he canceled his tour and that raised suspicions. Many thought that there was trouble in paradise and that led to a lot of speculation that Kim and Kanye were on the verge of a divorce. Some sources also stated that November is also a very sensitive month for the rapper because it marks his mother’s anniversary.

“The anniversary of his mom’s death is an aspect of what’s going on in that it’s added emotional stress,” the source revealed.

Kanye canceled his scheduled concerts and willingly checked himself into a hospital in Los Angeles after he was advised by his physician to do so. He was apparently dealing with sleep deprivation and severe exhaustion due to his busy work schedule. Kanye is a workaholic just like Kim. However, Kim has slowed down her busy lifestyle after the Paris robbery and she has taken the time to spend more time with her family. Kanye has been busy with the Saint Pablo tour while also working on his apparel line. His recent hospitalization could be a wake-up call for him to take some time off to have some rest just like his wife and concentrate on his family.

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The rumors about Kim and Kanye having trouble in their marriage might also be dismissed by the fact that Kim has lately been considering having another child. If she and Kanye were on the verge of a divorce, then it would be highly unlikely for her to talk about having a third child. The two have been very supportive of each other. Kanye was on one of his tours when Kim was robbed and he immediately dropped everything when he heard the news so that he could go make sure that Kim was not harmed. Kim also showed a lot of support by flying back to L.A. to go and support Kanye after he was hospitalized.

Kanye will most likely not be resuming the rest of the tours that he had scheduled for the rest of the year. Chances are that he will stick to his physician’s advice and spend the time off his busy schedule to focus on his family. Kim’s support for Kanye thus dismisses any rumors that they are getting divorced.

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