Adrienne Bailon’s Trainer Reveals How She Lost 22 Lbs. Before Her Wedding

Adrienne Bailon is looking amazing, and now her trainer is sharing how she lost 22 lbs. right before her big wedding day. E! Online shared the details about how Adrienne slimmed down and, of course, looked amazing for her big day. Adrienne is now married to Israel Houghton.

Her trainer, Massy Arias, is speaking out about how she helped Adrienne Bailon to slim down and it wasn’t easy for her, but obviously, it was worth it because she looks amazing. Here is what Massy had to share.

“Her goal was to get down to her usual weight. A lot of people don’t know this, but she’s very tiny, she’s 4’9. She’s always had her goal weight in mind so she wanted to get back to a weight that she was comfortable with prior to gaining a few pounds. She works out with me three to four times a week then she does homework that I give her at home so five days a week total. 90 minutes total per day. 30 minutes of cardio on her own in the morning and then one hour with me. That hour was maximized because our training would be divided into circuits and there was no resting time or breaks in between.”

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A lot of people are not willing to do the workouts that Adrienne Bailon did during this time, but it worked for her. She only had to do one hour a day with the trainer because the rest of the time Adrienne was doing the workout on her own. She didn’t do it all by working out, though.

Adrienne’s trainer shared that she was also on a really strict diet during this time. Adrienne drank two plant-based protein drinks a day. One of these would be when she first woke up and one as her dinner before bed. Bailon did have a normal breakfast and lunch, but they were also very healthy. Yogurt and cashews were what she had as a snack before working out. It only took her two months to lose the weight and her fiance Israel did it with her and he lost 25 lbs. as well. It is great that this couple did it together and that had to make it so much easier on both of them.

Now Adrienne Bailon didn’t cheat on this diet either. She wasn’t allowed to have any dairy or alcohol at all. That had to be hard, but it was worth it to her for those two months. Her trainer shared that she also made sure that Adrienne Bailon stayed hydrated. It sounds like they were really strict on themselves and that is why it all worked out in the end for these two.

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People shared a few details about Adrienne Bailon’s big wedding, and it was obvious that she didn’t probably follow that diet on her big day considering the cake that she got for her wedding. They started out with a grand breakfast with her parents at Alain Ducasse’s restaurant (at the Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris). For their wedding reception, they had entree options of filet mignon, sea bass, dover sole, chicken cordon bleu, filet of veal, and a vegetarian dish. They also had other French desserts, plus a big wedding cake that was red velvet with cream cheese filling from SweetNess & Cook. Adrianne Bailon shared that they were on a strict diet before this, but ate what they wanted on their big wedding day.

Do you feel like Adrienne Bailon had the right idea by working so hard to lose these 22 lbs. before her wedding day? Would you be willing to do these extreme workouts? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts about Adrienne and her big weight loss.

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