Ariana Madix Throwing Shade At ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Kristen Doute’s Business Venture?

Ariana Madix has been keeping herself in the background on this season of Vanderpump Rules, as she isn’t directly affected by the drama happening on the show between her friends. While Katie Maloney is busy planning her wedding to Tom Schwartz, Lala Kent and James Kennedy are wondering why all of their co-stars have shunned them on the show.

And while Tom Sandoval is staying out of the drama for the most part as he’s no longer speaking to Kristen Doute, him and Ariana are probably just focusing on their relationship. But even though Madix isn’t a big part of the show these days, she’s still making quite the impression on viewers. When she speaks, her statements make quite the impression on viewers – so much that they want to pay for it.

According to a new tweet, Ariana Madix is now revealing that she’s looking into a t-shirt deal where she can possibly profit from her statements. As Vanderpump Rules aired last night, one person wrote Madix on Twitter, sharing that she would purchase a t-shirt with her quote on it. And this made Ariana think about possibly doing a t-shirt product, so people could buy a shirt from her with her random quotes.

“‘Don’t f**king jerk off cranberry juice in my face’ – Ariana Madix (need this on a t-shirt),” one person wrote to Ariana, asking her to do something with the quote she shared on the Vanderpump Rules premiere, to which Ariana replied, “I think someone on the show had a tshirt thing going for a while… Will look into this.”


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Of course, Ariana Madix is referring to Kristen Doute’s t-shirt line. When Kristen left SUR after she was fired, she decided to design some t-shirts with random quotes from her life. The quotes were not from her or from Vanderpump Rules, but they were more generalized quotes. It seemed to be the one thing making her money after leaving SUR and she claims she was still paying for a lot of things when she was dating James Kennedy and launching her t-shirt line. These days, it’s uncertain whether she’s still working on this t-shirt line, but it is possible that Madix could get some professional advice.

“Haha. Shaaaade,” one person wrote back to Ariana Madix, pointing to the fact that Kristen Doute once ran a t-shirt company, to which Madix wrote back, “no shade. I will legit look into this.”

Since Ariana Madix and Kristen aren’t exactly friends, it sounds like Ariana won’t be turning to Doute to get some fashion start-up advice. Plus, it sounds like Ariana may just offer one t-shirt rather than a complete fashion line. But Madix may find more success with her single t-shirt than Kristen’s entire t-shirt line. Sometimes, it’s about starting small and starting with a product that people want to buy. It’s all about knowing what people want.

And it sounds like Ariana Madix knows what people want and people know what Ariana wants. On last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Madix wasn’t chosen as a bridesmaid for Katie’s wedding and she was quite alright with that decision. Why? Because Madix isn’t a girl who loves the wedding fluff.

“Been a bridesmaid 5 times, including MOH, but you’re SO right. I totally hate “bridesmaid stuff”. These ppl know me so well #PumpRules smh,” Ariana Madix replied on Twitter after Katie approached her about being a part of her wedding after she had already chosen all of her bridesmaids.

What do you think of Ariana Madix starting her own t-shirt business? Do you think she was throwing shade at Doute?

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