Sci Fi RPG ‘Divine Space’ Launches Kickstarter Fund Raising Campaign

Moscow based game developer, Dodo Games, the creative force behind the Sci Fi themed role playing game, Divine Space, announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the new title. Dodo Games joins the growing number of companies utilizing Crowd Funding to finance a project. Divine Space is planned to debut for the iPad in 2013.

Several game developers have raised millions of dollars through Kickstarter, greatly exceeding their initial expectations. Obsidian Entertainment’s Project Eternity leads the way with a total of $3,986,929, and Double Fine Adventure is close behind, raising $3,336,371.

The Divine Space Kickstarter campaign is slightly less ambitious than some of the big name titles. Dodo Games set a relatively modest goal of $100,000 to capitalize the project. The campaign, which began today and runs until November 23, 2012, is off to a good start with almost $13,000, or 13 percent of the goal, raised in the first few hours.

The game is built on a free to play model, and the developers have promised not to charge for updates, downloadable content, or subscriptions. Players may purchase a premium account, and there will be items available to enhance one’s character. However, most items should also be available for play money, and gamers will not be able to make their in-game alter-egos more powerful by tossing a ton of cash at the game.

The philosophy behind the game’s financial model is described by our Russian friends in their delightful version of English:

“How it will be done in Divine Space? First, 90% of the items you can buy both for play money and ‘real’ money. You won’t be able to buy status things that are making your ship gold or giving you extra sparkling trails, or coloring your guns into pink color (please notice this is just examples, we aren’t going to give you pink guns!). Other bonuses of ‘real’ money – premium accounts (NOT required to play!) that gives you discounts, speed-ups, different social and communication bonuses and many other candies. Our payment system will not turn those who are paying into death machines, but it will save them some time and show their special status in the game.”

Dodo Games intends to develop Divine Space for a wide variety of platforms, beginning with the iPad. The company released the following statement about the game and their plans for the future:

Divine Space is a high quality 3D Sci-Fi Action RPG and Adventure, focused precisely on hard science fiction. It has third person view, click-n-go controls and real-time combat system.

“Target platform for the first, single-player version, is iPad. Afterwards, we will work on tuning it for Android (which, together with testing, will take just a few months), followed by development for the PC, Mac and Linux (from 3 to 6 months). Thanks to Unity3D, cross-platform development is simple and relatively fast. Once all those single-player versions have been developed, we will begin work on a multiplayer version (which will be an MMO), but also will keep developing single-player versions.”

We wish the folks at Dodo Games great success with their project. Another well-made science fiction-themed RPG is always a welcome addition to the App Store. It’s a long journey from Moscow to the remote regions of deep space, and the gaming writers here at The Inquisitr will be watching the progress of Divine Space with great interest.

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