‘Westworld’ Spoilers: Is Arnold Someone We Already Know?

Westworld aired arguably the most confusing and captivating episode yet on Sunday night, and it left many viewers more confused about Arnold’s identity and role in the HBO series.

Westworld spoilers tease that Arnold could be someone we already know, maybe in the form of a host that’s already part of the storyline. Is it possible that Arnold could be Dolores( Evan Rachel Wood), the Man in Black (Ed Harris), or even Benard(Jeffrey Wright)?

If you want to avoid spoilers about Westworld, stop reading this article now. The following will contain spoilers and theories that have not aired on the television show yet.

IBT reported that the star of Westworld is someone we don’t have a “face” for just yet—Arnold. The whole show seems to be centered around his vision for the park, and how his demise affected Dr. Ford (Sir Anthony Hopkins).


The first guess of who could be the host version of Arnold is Dolores. The first clue was on Sunday night’s episode when she held a gun to her head and appeared to have shot herself in the head. It was in another life, in the form of a memory or a flashback. We know that Arnold died in some accident; however, Ford later stated that it wasn’t like Arnold to make “that kind of mistake.” It seemed to imply that he might have killed himself or died in a freak accident.

The second clue that has the internet buzzing is the fact that someone appears to be talking to her. She has begun to hear voices and starts to question her own sanity. Westworld viewers start to wonder if the voices she is hearing could be Arnold’s thoughts. And, if that’s what is happening, could Arnold and Dolores be the same person?

Man In Black

The most intriguing part of the Man in Black’s story is we still don’t know his real name, which has the fans in panic mode speculating that he must be Arnold.

The Man in Black admitted that he has been going to Westworld for over 30 years. He knows most of the hosts’ names and their backstory. The only thing that seems to contradicts this theory is he appears to treat many of the hosts poorly, something that doesn’t ring true for Arnold as he had a great affection for the robotic creations.


Another popular Westworld theory is that Benard is the host version of Arnold. No one knows what Arnold looked like, at this point, so it is possible that Benard looks exactly like the co-creator of Westworld.

Everytime Benard has a flashback of his son’s death or other memory; he is the same age as he is right now, Comic Book reported. It seems odd when you think about it and is highly suspicious. Another clue is the fact that Benard is Ford’s “right-hand man.” If Arnold is Benard, it is possible that some of the scenes we’ve seen of Benard could be of Arnold in another time. As confusing as it is, it does make perfect sense.

Arnold has a huge influence over Westworld, especially Dr. Ford, even though he died years ago. It has left the Westworld fans questioning everything we think we know about Arnold and his relationship with Ford and the hosts at the park.

“The shadow and specter of that character and who he was for Ford, and the fact that we’ve never seen him and we don’t know who he is, makes you question, in a way, the reality that’s being presented, and who he really is, and who Ford really is,” Westworld showrunner explained. “That’s what’s most interesting. The component of Arnold and Ford together and what their relationship was and what they created, and what each of their priorities was, is fundamental in the undercurrent of the story.”

Westworld fans, do you think Dolores, Man In Black, or Benard could be Arnold? The spoilers tease that they will reveal Arnold’s identity in the next two episodes.

Westworld airs Sunday nights on HBO.

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