Mark Wahlberg ‘Transformers 4’ Rumor: Michael Bay Sets The Record Straight

Mark Wahlberg was recently rumored to be up for the lead role in director Michael Bay’s Transformers 4, Cinema Blend reports. Since the pair had such a wonderful working relationship on the set of their upcoming dark comedy Pain and Gain, the duo were reportedly discussing the idea of placing the Max Payne star at the forefront of the next Transformers film.

However, Bay has already updated his website in an effort to set the record straight. Although the idea of Wahlberg participating in the next installment of the Transformers series certainly makes sense from a financial standpoint, it would seem that the internet has gotten things wrong again.

“The Mark Wahlberg T4 rumor is just a rumor. Mark and I are talking about another film project,” Bay wrote on his official website. If the idea of seeing the Max Payne star wage epic cinematic battles against giant robots from a distant planet sounds immensely appealing, then this news is surely disappointing.

Reports of Wahlberg’s involvement in the picture were definitely a little curious. Just a few days ago, rumors were swirling that Transformers 4 would cast a female as the lead character. This, of course, would be a departure from the previous installments, which featured Shia LaBeouf as the hero.

According to Indiewire, the next entry in the popular franchise would fling the human characters into the far reaches of space. Once there, epic robot showdowns will likely ensue. Beyond that, not much is know about the production. Outside of a few vague plot points and a handful of leaked casting call announcements — apparently producers are looking for someone to play a Texas race car driver — there’s isn’t much concrete information lurking around the internet at the moment. This is sure to change as production gets underway.

Do you think Mark Wahlberg would have been a good fit for the next entry in the Transformers series?

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