‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: A Tragic Accident Could Lead To Julexis Reunion, Will Pizza be On The Menu Once Again For The Quartermaine Family?

Thanksgiving on ABC’s General Hospital can be quite an interesting time. For longtime viewers of the soap, there are many memorable moments from the past that can be conjured up, and this year might prove to be just as fun and intriguing. This could possibly all lead up to a reunion of a fan-favorite couple, as well as other interesting events in Port Charles.

Thanksgiving dinner has always been a chaotic mess for the Quartermaine family, but Tracy wants things to be different this year, according to spoilers by Soaps She Knows. There is no doubt that she will be trying to cook up a plan for a nice feast, but something always goes wrong. Will there be the usual pizza again or can Tracy pull off a traditional meal?

While a huge turkey dinner will be the goal for the holiday, there is a very good possibility that the pizza delivery boy will once again end up on their doorstep this year. There is a new preview that has recently been posted by General Hospital that shows Tracy, Monica, Ned, and Dillon sitting down together for dinner. What will be on their dinner plates this year?

Morgan’s death has definitely put a damper on the holidays for the Corinthos family. They will try to make it as special as they can, but Carly and Sonny are at odds, and now Jax has once again come into the picture. There is also Nelle, who is starting to show her true colors. While she has been the perfect assistant to Carly, she is beginning to show General Hospital viewers her evil ways.

Unfortunately, Sonny is under house arrest and can’t leave. Will Carly show up on his doorstep to spend Thanksgiving with him? That is very doubtful, but Laura Spencer will be paying Sonny a visit, and those two will be sharing their heartbreak over losing their sons so tragically. Nikolas was shot by Valentin Cassadine, and Morgan Corinthos was killed by the car bomb that was supposedly meant for Julian Jerome. Of course, one of them, or even both, could very well still be alive and will eventually resurface like many do on General Hospital. Could there be a Christmas surprise coming up?

There is also a wedding surprise coming up. According to Soap Central, Dante and Lulu will be making an announcement. They will be walking down the aisle just in time for Thanksgiving. They have a lot to be thankful for, and it is about to get even better for them.

Alexis has had a really bad year and has turned to alcohol to ease her pain of it all. However, she is determined to host a Thanksgiving meal to give her girls a decent holiday. No one knows just how bad her drinking has become, but Julian Jerome is about to find out. General Hospital has posted a preview of what is coming up this week, and things are about to take a major turn for the worse for Alexis.

You can see her getting behind the wheel of her car, and Julian trying to stop her from driving. They might have a fight, which will lead her to run off to get away from him. Unfortunately, it looks as if Thanksgiving could end tragically after Alexis hits Julian with her car. Could this actually be the thing that brings these two back together?

Julexis fans have held onto some hope that this couple would somehow get back together, but with the events surrounding Julian’s newfound evilness, that doesn’t seem likely. However, General Hospital can certainly put some kind of a twist in the mix here, so this accident might change things dramatically.

Does Julian have a twin? Has he been programmed to do all these evil things? Does he have a tumor that made him do those things just like Franco did? Is he actually someone else wearing a mask, and the real Julian is being held captive? Julexis fans could have their favorite couple back soon, but hopefully, the explanation as to why Julian has betrayed his wife so violently will be explained to appease the anxious fans who have been disappointed in this couple lately.

What General Hospital storyline are you most looking forward to for this Thanksgiving week?

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