Perrie Edwards Thinks It ‘Weird’ That Her Brother’s Friends Find Her ‘Sexy’

Perrie Edwards recently admitted that she finds the idea of her brother’s friends finding her sexy “weird” after she discovered that they keep suggestive photos of her.

The Little Mix star is very close to her 26-year-old brother Jonnie. Perrie Edwards admitted that she found it odd that Jonnie’s friends and co-workers are into her.

“I find it weird when boys fancy us now,” Edwards told the Daily Star.

“My brother works in an office and all the men there have desktop backgrounds of us wearing whatever.”

The 23-year-old singer admitted that when her brother went to the bathroom at work and when he came back, he noticed photos of the Little Mix group “in bikinis on his desktop,” according to The Sun.

“The lads take the p*** out of him but they are like: ‘Sorry but your sister’s fit and you need to get over it because we love them.'”

Jade Thirwall added, “My dad’s friends say their sons have posters of us in their bedrooms, it’s weird.”

The British girl group, who just released their new album Glory Days, have been the center of criticism for their sexy and revealing outfits. Little Mix performed their latest single “Shout Out To My Ex” in bondage-inspired attire and thigh-high PVC boots on The X Factor UK. Jesy Nelson hit back at people who claimed that the band looked like “prostitutes” when they debuted their new single live, according to The Mirror.

The pop star posed for a pic in a long black shirt with the phrase, “Too Provocative?” written across her bum. The band, which also includes Leigh-Anne Pinnock, also defended their sexy attire on The One Show.

“I think it’s nice that we are four young girls who are confident in our bodies and want to go out there and rock it,” she said.

“We don’t get told what to wear. If we want to wear something then we will wear it. I mean, nobody moans when Beyonce comes out on stage in leotard. What’s the difference when we do it?”

Leigh-Anne admitted that she didn’t think the costumes that she and her bandmates wore during their performance were that revealing.

“They weren’t that bad,” she said with a laugh. “I was wearing a shirt!”

“When some people think of us, they think of X Factor five years ago, but we were so young then,” Pinnock added.

“We didn’t know what we were doing. Our fashion has evolved since then. We are more daring and more confident in ourselves – and I think that’s a good thing, no?”

These recent statements also come after Edwards stated that she doesn’t mind being a role model for their younger fans. However, Edwards does feel that there is a lot of “pressure” when it comes to being a role model. In a brutally honest interview with Fault Magazine, Edwards was asked about what it’s like to be looked up to by millions of their fans.

“I think being named role models kind of happened just naturally, we never really asked for it. Which is lovely, I love the fact that girls look up to us and we empower people and inspire them,” Edwards stated.

“But obviously, we’re young girls and we’re going to do silly things sometimes that can kind of put pressure on us, but we’re just being ourselves. And if that means that we’re being role models by just being ourselves, then that’s incredible. It’s a massive compliment.”

Perrie also admitted that she and her band have faced their share of scrutiny for their new sexy image. The girls pose for the cover of the magazine, in which they wear sexy and revealing evening clothes. Perrie and the girls continue to want to be a positive fixture for young women who want to express themselves sexually.

“We don’t think that it’s fair that women get scrutinized more than men,” she said.

“Everything is harder for a woman in every kind of aspect and that’s why we try to empower women with our music, our image and everything we stand for.”

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