Kylie Jenner Accused Of Copying Makeup Artist’s Photos For New Holiday Cosmetics Collection

Kylie Jenner has a lot on her plate these days. The 19-year-old just released her 2016 Kylie Cosmetics holiday collection and is already being accused of stealing ideas.

Namely, Jenner is being called out over an Instagram post from Saturday that shows her with a red ombre lip and gold eyeshadow-covered hands. The post in question displays three of Kylie’s lip kit shades while showcasing her new Yellow Gold Creme eyeshadow on her fingers. While the products may be her own, she’s being accused of stealing the idea from a makeup artist Vlada Haggerty.

Los Angeles-based makeup artist Vlada Haggerty posted a very similar image a month ago to her own Instagram account. Hers features metallic gold fingers and a glossy red lip, not unlike Jenner’s recent post.

In fact, the makeup artist accused Kylie outright of copying her photo design in a side-by-side comparison posted on Instagram Sunday.

While the similarities are undeniable, Kylie’s fans are coming to her defense over the alleged copy-cat photo. Commenters are calling Vlada out saying her photo may not even be original, either.

“She can’t prove hers is the original and what if Kylie didn’t even know of this page it ain’t (sic) like this is original.”

Other Instagram comments claim the pose isn’t original as others have done the same one, while fans accuse Vlada of trying to get attention.

“I’ve seen so many people do this, this is extra.”

“@vladamua never knew u were that desperate to get attention.”

Harper’s Bazaar even stated “in a world of endless beauty looks, almost every makeup combination has been done before” as Kylie’s fans continued to comment in her defense. However, not everyone is so quick to come to Jenner’s aid as her own comment sections fill with snake emojis and sarcastic comments such as “how original.”

This isn’t the first time Kylie has come under fire for copying another makeup artist or brand. Teen Vogue reports Jenner’s lip kit line came under scrutiny after fans found our her matte formula is similar to that of ColourPop, a sister company of Kylie Cosmetics. It seems fans haven’t forgotten this fact as they continue to bring it up when discussing the latest accusation.

“It’s not the colours, she copied an artists work detail to detail to promote her own line of work without crediting the original source, that’s low.”

But that’s not the end of Kylie’s copy drama. She was also accused of stealing a popular YouTube beauty blogger’s eyeshadow palette design for her first Kyshadow palette, according to Glamour.

While the two palettes obviously do look alike, Kylie’s fans didn’t seem to mind as her Bronze collection sold out within minutes of its initial launch. In fact, Kylie’s holiday collection was released Monday and products have already sold out. It seems her fans aren’t swayed by the accusations as makeup artists continue to point out similarities between their products and Kylie’s.

The controversy surrounding Kylie Cosmetics doesn’t stop there. Jenner was forced to publicly address a manufacturing error after celebrity makeup artist Jeffree Star shared a photo of frayed lip gloss wands.

The Daily Mail reports Jenner replaced all of the faulty lip gloss wands to customers who complained. The quality of Kylie’s products was called into questions as fans ranted about the damaged wands via social media. While Jenner quickly addressed this specific issue, fans are still complaining about shipping costs and product availability as the more popular items sell out within minutes of hitting the site.

In an attempt to address the shipping costs, Kylie announced free domestic shipping for the holidays. She is offering a free gift of a Christmas stocking to customers who make purchases on Black Friday as well.

Fans can still get their hands on the holiday collection as most products are still in stock.

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

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