WWE News: More Backstage Details On Shane McMahon’s Injury & His ‘Survivor Series’ Spot With Roman Reigns

The most talked-about performer coming out of WrestleMania 32 was, without question, Shane McMahon, thanks to his memorable leap from the top of the Hell in a Cell structure onto the announce table. Much like Mick Foley at the 1998 King of the Ring, Shane lost to the Undertaker, but it’s those two spots that had the world buzzing, not the actual result of the match.

It’s hard to argue that anyone was trending more than Goldberg and Brock Lesnar following this past Sunday night’s Survivor Series, but once again, Shane McMahon provided a memorable highlight. This time, however, the execution was flawed, forcing everyone to wonder about Shane’s well-being instead of marveling at the move.

The spot in question, of course, came late in the men’s five-on-five traditional Survivor Series elimination match. Shane was going for the coast-to-coast on Roman Reigns when Reigns popped up and delivered a crushing spear instead. The match lasted more than 50 minutes on Sunday night, but time seemed to stand still as Reigns and McMahon lay on the mat following the move.

According to a report from Wrestling Inc., the plan indeed called for that move to lead to Shane McMahon’s elimination at the hands of Roman Reigns. But as seen, when Reigns speared McMahon, Shane’s head hit the mat and sent him into a daze. Roman made the cover for the pin, but Shane was so out of it that he inadvertently raised his shoulder off the mat, causing the referee to stop the count.

As we’ve noted on several occasions, the officials have been instructed to call the match as a shoot, so the ref stopped the count as he normally would had any other superstar gotten his shoulder up. However, this was no ordinary pinning situation. The official quickly decided that Shane McMahon was legitimately hurt and called for the ring announcer to declare his elimination.

Shane was then awkwardly helped to the back as the rest of the participants scrambled to piece the match back together. As it turns out, Shane wasn’t the only one shaken up during the spot either. Most of the attention in the aftermath of Survivor Series was on Shane’s health, but Roman Reigns took some punishment as well. The two banged heads, but Reigns’ head also hit the mat when he came down with the spear.

Fortunately, Roman was fine shortly after; he finished the match and made an appearance the following night on RAW. Shane was said to be in a lot of pain immediately afterwards backstage, but after receiving medical attention and rest, he was telling people in the back that he was fine by the end of the night. It’s unclear whether McMahon will appear on this week’s SmackDown, and as of this writing, WWE’s only promotion of Shane and the show reads as follows, per their website.

“What about the tremendous physical toll of the Raw vs. SmackDown LIVE encounter? For instance, what is the current condition of Shane McMahon after Roman Reigns hit him with an earth-shattering Spear in mid-air as the SmackDown LIVE Commissioner was attempting to go Coast-to-Coast on The Big Dog, a moment that left McMahon unable to continue.”

As has been noted, while officials were tending to Shane in the ring, Randy Orton broke character to console McMahon’s wife and son, who were seated in the front row, letting them know that he’d be okay. You can see a screen shot of the moment in the picture below. Orton is currently portraying a heel among the newest version of The Wyatt Family, so although it was an incredibly kind gesture, the WWE doesn’t want to expose that one of their top heels has compassion.

A big-picture question coming out of Survivor Series is who Shane McMahon will face at WrestleMania now that Brock Lesnar and Goldberg appear to be on a collision course for a rematch. Plans had originally called for Shane and Brock to square off, a rivalry that began at the conclusion of SummerSlam. But for now, Shane’s health is the bigger concern, and we’ll have an update as soon as one becomes available.

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