‘Alaskan Bush People’ Returns: Has A Premiere Date Been Set For December? [Report]

If there’s one thing you can be sure about when it comes to Alaskan Bush People, it’s that it will come with its own set of controversy. And now, with the latest report that Alaskan Bush People returns to the Discovery Networks family, there is, of course, more drama on the horizon!

The official homepage of the show indicates that while repeats of the show are currently airing, Alaskan Bush People returns for its sixth season sometime in December. Fans of the show, in the meantime, can take comfort in knowing that they can enjoy the Bushcraft Chronicles, which is a “mini-series” of sort where fans can enjoy the spectacle of the Brown family purportedly surviving in the Alaskan bush.

While the Bushfield Chronicles have done nothing to dispel the myths that the Brown family is, indeed, fake, it has certainly helped to tie fans of the show over while they wait for the new season to air on the Discovery Networks. This is also a bit of good news for the fans, who believed that the show had been canceled as an result of the controversy that exploded in the last season with the Brown family.


And, according to Wait With Us, many of the questions that people had about how the Brown family was able to afford such luxurious amenities will have their questions answered when Alaskan Bush People returns in December. According to the outlet, it shouldn’t be that hard to discern how they were able to afford nicer things.

Simply put: reality shows pay money, and a lot of it. According to the outlet, it would make sense that the family would be able to afford nicer things than they could before becoming millionaires as a result of the show, especially if they saved their money and spent it wisely (which, according to the outlet, is what they seem to be doing).

Remember, too, that Billy Bryan Brown wrote a series of books before the show hitting the airwaves. Book royalties always generate income for a writer, and it also stands to reason that more copies of the book have been sold for Billy Bryan Brown since the show went on the air, thus generating more income for him than ever before. Even in the so-called “bush” of Alaska, that extra money can make a difference in a family’s lifestyle.


In a previous report by the Inquisitr, it was speculated that if Alaskan Bush People returns for a new season, it had to do so without the presence of Billy Bryan Brown, who had become too much of a liability for the show.

Billy Bryan Brown was actually convicted of forgery and sentenced to 30 days in jail at the conclusion of Season 5, which was the touchstone point that caused people to demand the show be canceled.

When combined with the details of Billy’s true life — he comes from an affluent family, he was making a lot of money thanks to his book sales even before the show went on the air, and one of his books was actually the inspiration for the show — it caused a lot of people to be turned off from the show.

However, the fans of the show were just as vociferous in their approval of the show, and as such, Alaskan Bush People remains on the air for now.

As of this writing, there has been no official statement from the Discovery Networks executives about the sixth season of the show.

Will you be excited if Alaskan Bush People returns to the air? What do you hope to see when Alaskan Bush People returns? Let us know in the comments below!

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