WWE News: WWE Locker Room Reacts To ‘Survivor Series’ Main Event, Including Major Criticism For Brock Lesnar

The entire world is buzzing about the Survivor Series main event match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, as evidenced by its performance on nearly every social media platform available. The showdown, billed as fantasy warfare come to life, barely let the Toronto fans sit back in their seats after the introductions before it was over. The shortest ending to a pay-per-view in recent memory left everyone stunned at the end of Survivor Series.

It’s become clear that not only are WWE officials treating Brock Lesnar as a special attraction, but they’re treating each of his matches with a special level of creativity as well. He was protected in his match with Dean Ambrose at WrestleMania because he was preparing for a return to UFC. But the endings to his matches at SummerSlam and Survivor Series highlight the uniqueness of his star-power.

Goldberg hadn’t wrestled a match in more than 12 years, and it had been since December of 2003 that he headlined a pay-per-view. It’s astounding to think that after all that history and the mega-match buildup, that when Goldberg and Brock Lesnar finally squared off again at Survivor Series, it lasted less than two minutes.

In the hours since Survivor Series ended, we’ve discovered that Goldberg had agreed to an extension with the WWE, one that would guarantee his appearance at the Royal Rumble this coming January. He’ll make more history by competing in just his second career Royal Rumble match. The safe assumption remains that his deal will take him beyond that date, and all the way up to WrestleMania where he’ll potentially face Lesnar for a final time.

Had Goldberg not signed on for more dates with the WWE, the chances are that Brock would have won the match followed by a fitting send-off for Goldberg right after or the following night on RAW. But because he’s agreed to continue this run, the goal was to book him in as strong a way as possible at Survivor Series leading to the Royal Rumble. Once the dust settles from Sunday night, it’s unlikely Lesnar is hurt whatsoever by the squash finish.

Much like the rest of the WWE Universe trying to make sense of the Survivor Series ending, Wrestling Inc is reporting that the majority of the WWE locker room, huddled in front of the monitors backstage, was shocked by the outcome as well. It’s being noted that only the two participants, Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon and his inner circle were aware of the plans to keep it a surprise yet again.

This is interesting to point out because the same scenario has played out on multiple occasions in Brock Lesnar matches, including the SummerSlam headliner with Randy Orton this past August, and the SummerSlam squash match against John Cena two years ago. However, it’s obvious that one of the members of that inner circle leaked the news as betting sites drastically changed the odds of the match shortly beforehand.

The shock that many of the WWE superstars experienced boiled over to social media after Survivor Series went off the air. Kofi Kingston, Jim Ross, Xavier Woods, Lana and Mick Foley highlight the many reactions to the WWE’s latest attempt at shock and awe, as you can see from their posts below.

Speaking of Lana, she and her husband, Rusev, were not a part of Survivor Series on Sunday night. From a storyline perspective, Rusev lost a match on RAW to Sami Zayn for the right to challenge the Intercontinental Champion at the pay-per-view. The following week, Rusev’s grandmother passed away, and the two were excused to be with his family.

However, Rusev was not shy in regards to his feelings on the Survivor Series main event either. The Bulgarian Brute took a shot, specifically at Brock Lesnar, for how things played out in Toronto.

It should be noted that Rusev got physical with Goldberg on the Halloween episode of RAW, but more importantly, Rusev is booked to face Brock Lesnar at a WWE live event in Mexico City on December 3, and chances are, he could have been instructed to post the tweet as part of their storyline.

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