Kristen Doute Defends Katie Maloney: ‘Pump Rules’ Star Called Hypocrite Over Bullying

Kristen Doute may have been labeled as a crazy woman a few years ago while filming Vanderpump Rules, as she lost her job, accused her then-boyfriend of cheating on her and then lying about her own cheating and sexual escapades, but it sounds like her friends have forgiven her and moved on from everything. Over the past couple of years, Kristen has been labeled as a bully, as she would say and do whatever was on her mind because she was very hurt by Jax Taylor’s lies and Tom Sandoval’s behavior when they were dating. When she broke up with him and moved on, people saw a different side of her.

According to a new tweet, Kristen Doute is now spending her time defending her friend, Katie Maloney. Doute was shocked that her friend Katie was attacked so much on the first few episodes of Vanderpump Rules for gaining some weight. James Kennedy and Lala Kent joked that Katie was now pregnant, as she was busy planning her wedding. But Kristen decided to speak out on her friend’s behalf, saying that the body-shaming comments needed to stop. Sadly, people thought she was probably the wrong person to spread that message.

“Practice some of what you’re preaching. Bullies suck. Group mentality in her lil clique. how old is she old enough,” one person wrote to Kristen after learning that she had done an interview about people who were fat-shaming Katie Maloney for gaining some weight, while another person agreed, writing, “Exactly. She may not body shame anymore but she still bullies the crap out of certain ppl on Twitter.”

In other words, people are saying that Kristen Doute is probably the last person who would be talking about how people treat one another, as she has called Ariana Madix every bad word in the world. While she felt she had changed, Doute’s followers thought that she needed to take a look at herself.


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“‘Anymore’? I’ve never body shamed or bullied anyone in my life. I have a dictionary you can borrow,” Kristen Doute wrote in defense of herself, sharing that she hasn’t body-shamed anyone.

“She needs to remember her words when she shames others daily. Body shaming is horrible but so is being a bully #changeyourself,” another person wrote to the article, sharing that Doute tends to say hurtful things about people, especially people who are not always on the same page as her, to which Kristen replied, “Give me an example. Just, ya know, one that I say daily.”

In her Bravo interview, Kristen Doute revealed that her friend should not be body shamed because she’s a healthy size four and she was stressed out during the summer because she was planning her wedding. But Doute took things even further, as she addressed the mean viewers on her new website dedicated to healthy living and food.

“I’m SO OVER you hiding behind your computer screens and hating on women’s bodies. We both know you don’t mean it nor would you ever have the balls to say it to someone’s face,” Kristen Doute wrote in an open letter on her new website, according to Bravo, adding, “Are you perfect? That was a rhetorical question because the answer is a hard HELL NO.”

“In imperfection, lies beauty. We are all unique. Give someone a smile and a compliment today. Be gracious and kind. It feels a lot better,” Kristen Doute ends the open letter, according to Bravo.

What do you think of Kristen Doute’s comments about the body-shaming people, who are criticizing Katie’s bigger body? Do you think she’s the last person to be criticizing bullies, since she was known as a bully a few years ago when she was letting her emotions drive her during her split from Tom Sandoval?

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