JoJo Fletcher And Jordan Rodgers Wedding Buzz Renews As ‘Bachelorette’ Lovebirds Share Fun Updates Despite Split Rumors Circulating

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers fell for one another during ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 season, and they have been generating quite a bit of buzz since their finale aired last summer. While there have been plenty of rumors that there will be a split for JoJo and Jordan coming not too far down the road, Fletcher and Rodgers continue to put on a united front, and that was definitely the case this past weekend. What were the two up to that has their supporters buzzing?

Fletcher and Rodgers live together in Dallas, Texas these days, although he travels quite a bit during the football season for his broadcasting gig with the SEC Network. However, JoJo and Jordan were on the road together this past weekend as it was time for a wedding. The nuptials were not theirs, of course, but a good friend of hers was getting married, and they attended the event together.

The Bachelorette stars were off to Austin, Texas for this wedding and it looks like JoJo was a bridesmaid in the event. Jordan was her plus-one, and they shared quite a few posts via social media throughout the weekend. It certainly seems that Fletcher and Rodgers had a blast at the nuptials and fans hope that maybe this will spark some planning for their own big day.

Jordan posted a photo on Instagram showing him with JoJo, and he referred to her as his “favorite human ever.” Bachelorette fans went wild over the post, throwing nearly 175,000 “likes” at it in about 14 hours. There were about 750 comments on the post as well, with everybody sharing their adoration for how adorable the duo looked.

JoJo posted a photo showing her with Jordan at the wedding as well, and that generated about the same volume of likes. The Bachelorette stars shared some Snapchat videos over the course of the weekend as well, and they clearly had a great time at the Texas wedding of their friends.

Will this fun event spark a shift toward some serious wedding planning for JoJo and Jordan? So far the Bachelorette stars have been fairly vague in detailing any plans for their own nuptials. They have said that they may tie the knot sometime in 2017, but that so far, they had not yet decided whether to do things in Texas where she is from or in California where his family lives. Of course, if they were to do a televised wedding for ABC, the event would surely end up being in California.

Of course, there are rumors swirling that the Bachelorette stars are struggling off-camera and that there likely will never be a wedding. Life & Style has repeatedly shared that Rodgers and Fletcher fight frequently and claim that he is far more invested in his career than his engagement. Their sources claim that friends don’t think the relationship is solid and seemingly doubt that they will ever be tying the knot.

Jordan and JoJo brush off these rumors, claiming that all is well and that they remain head-over-heels in love. Will the Bachelorette pair plan a wedding for the coming year, keep things as they are with an extended engagement, or end up splitting?

Fans are rooting for JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers to make it long-term, and based on how much fun they look like they were having at this wedding this past weekend, they may be a reason to hope for a happy ending in this case. For now, everybody will have to hang tight and watch for updates to see whether these Bachelorette stars are truly in love or struggling behind-the-scenes as supposed insiders continue to claim.

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