WWE News: Update On Shane McMahon Following His Horrific Injury At ‘WWE Survivor Series’

WWE SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon took a huge spear from Roman Reigns during the men’s traditional WWE Survivor Series match, but in doing so he managed to get injured in a horrific way. Shane McMahon is known for his high-risk offense, which pretty much made him famous. The man is seemingly an adrenaline junky, so it made sense to think he would take some risks during Survivor Series.

After his big Hell in a Cell stunt at WrestleMania 32, we all assumed that Shane McMahon couldn’t top such an amazing thing. He managed to surprise us all when he did a great table spot when he put Braun Strowman through a table by doing his patented flying elbow drop that would make the Macho Man proud. He managed to get back in the ring and had a huge opportunity to take out the big dog himself, Roman Reigns.

It was then that he saw an opportunity to his coast to coast move that also made him popular back in the day. Rob Van Dam seemed to be okay with it. Once he decided to jump, Reigns managed to step up and hit a spear on Shane, and the SmackDown Live Commissioner hit very hard. It appeared that Shane McMahon did tuck his chin in like normal initially, but it seemed that direction change and Roman’s head made it impossible to get the proper head work in. By the time they went down there seemed to be a whiplash of sorts with the back of Shane’s head hitting the mat. This is what caused the brief KO.

Roman Reigns spears Shane McMahon
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This knocked Shane McMahon completely out. The plan was for Reigns to go for the pin after the huge spear, but Shane accidentally kicked out most likely because he had no idea what was going on. The referee, knowing Shane was probably supposed to leave, called Shane out on what seemingly was due to a KO victory for Reigns. It made sense that they would call him out due to it, but due to the issue of Shane being out, he had to be helped to the back.

Thankfully he was awake when he left the ring, and was walking (with some help) to the back. Now there is an update on the health of Shane McMahon finally. According to Ringside News, Shane is reportedly okay. It is unknown whether he suffered a concussion or not, but he was alright going backstage, which is always a good thing.

Of course, WWE would have run a battery of tests on Shane to see if he was okay or if he needed to get help from the Emergency Room in Toronto or not. It does not appear that he visited a local hospital, but he always could still be doing that at some point this week.

Shane McMahon elbow drop
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As for his status for WWE SmackDown Live this Tuesday, this is also unknown. The good thing for Shane McMahon is that he is clearly not a normal, day-to-day wrestler. Since he is in a management position, he would be able to work shows as long as he is not out there taking any sort of bump during his segments. Shane typically is the one taking them simply because his General Manager Daniel Bryan cannot take any. However, he does not have to take any. Shane is already in Canada due to taking part in Survivor Series. It would not be shocking to see him show up for the blue brand this Tuesday live on the USA Network.

We do have to hand it to Shane McMahon and all he managed to do this Sunday at WWE Survivor Series. We all know he does not have to go out and do the things he does. He was simply asked to perform at the event and said yes. Shane seems to love being around the WWE again and he also seems to enjoy wrestling whenever he can, which always good to see from a McMahon. However, we may not see him perform for quite a while after last night.

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