Song Hye Kyo’s Birth Signs Reveal Love Compatibility With Song Joong-Ki

Song Hye-kyo’s beauty has become Asia’s obsession. At 35, Song Hye-kyo looks anything but her age. Her fans, who last spotted her at a meet-and-greet in Seoul, were harping on about her fit physique and her radiant skin.

Song Hye-kyo’s on-screen romance with Song Joong-ki, her Descendants of the Sun co-star, is the hot topic of conversation on social media platforms. The duo’s several kissing moments in the military romance fueled dating rumors. While it’s mostly tittle-tattle, fans of both actors wish there was something truly going on between the couple.

An analysis of Song Hye Kyo’s sun signs reveals that both stars are quite compatible.

November-born Song Hye-kyo is a true Sagittarius. According to an analysis by Astrology, Those born under this sign are clear thinkers, and often look at the big picture. They are truth-seekers. Knowledge plays a key role, as it fuels their broad-minded approach to life.

Song Joong-ki, on the other hand, is a Virgo. September-born Virgos are born to serve. They are industrious, methodical and efficient. They have an immense sense of duty and will always work for the greater good.

According to a compatibility analysis by Astromatcha, a relationship between a Virgo man and a Sagittarius woman is a partnership of equals. The couple genuinely like and respect each other. They are both highly intelligent and share many principles and ethics. This shared trait is what draws them together in the first place.

More often than not, the romance between a Virgo man and a Sagittarius begins with friendship. This is true of both Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo, whose relationship is based on trust and friendship.

Hallyuwood may not be Hollywood, but it looks like celebs across the world go to the same dating school. While many stars have tried to convince the world that they’re “just friends,” many a time, they were caught red-handed at clandestine get-away destinations. Despite this, they play the “just friends” card and keep their fans guessing.

Is this what Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo are doing? Only time will tell.

Although Song Joong-ki seemed pretty adamant about denying that he and Song Hye-kyo are an item, what he didn’t declare was whether he would date her if the opportunity came up.

Action speaks louder than words. In the past, the duo was spotted spotted wearing matching bracelets and similar shirts. A case in point is Song Hye-kyo’s fan meeting that was held on November 13. The couple wear dressed in black. Their chemistry was visibly evident on the stage when the duo looked into each other’s eyes and sang “Always,” the original soundtrack from Descendants of the Sun.

Song Hye-Kyo Birthday Special: Guess What Song Joong-Ki Has In Store For Her

According to a report by the Inquisitr, the couple was seen hanging out at a restaurant after the meeting.

In September, Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo pulled a disappearing act during the actor’s 31st birthday. Interestingly, Song Hye-kyo, who is usually active on Instagram, did not post a birthday wish. Instead, there were photographs of some scenic locations, which led the fans to believe that the duo was probably spending time together.

Based on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram chatter, fans are convinced that Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo are an item. Their clandestine partnership has given birth to two new hashtags. The hashtags #SongSongCouple and #KiKyo have been trending on social media platforms for the past seven months (ever since the conclusion of the K-drama Descendants of the Sun).

While Song Joong-ki is currently filming Battleship Island, Song Hye-kyo is waiting for her next big role.

Now that both actors are in their 30s, hope they make a big announcement soon.

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