Jinger Duggar Pregnant? ’19 Kids’ Star Rumored To Be Expecting Just Weeks After Wedding

Is Jinger Duggar pregnant with her first child? There are a few rumors circulating that the 19 Kids And Counting star is expecting her first child with her new husband, Jeremy Vuolo, just weeks after the two tied the knot in Arkansas. Those rumors didn’t take long at all!

According to Hollywood Take, it’s pretty much tradition for these Duggar girls to get pregnant soon after they wed, mainly because the Christian family does not believe in birth control — nor do they believe in sex before marriage. Jinger’s sisters, Jill and Jessa, both got pregnant very soon after they got married. For many fans, this means that baby news isn’t too far away for Jinger.

Jinger Duggar pregnant rumors surfaced months ago when her engagement was announced. Many people thought that Jinger rushed to the altar to marry Jeremy Vuolo because she was already pregnant. Now, three months later, we see that wasn’t the case. However, now that the couple is married, a baby is probably not far behind.


In August, the couple chatted with Us Weekly about starting a family, and they were very candid about their intentions to do so.

“Well, I love kids. I’m excited for the future, when Jeremy and I are married, to start a family,” Jinger said at the time.

“We haven’t talked about size, but I know we both love children. They’re a joy. We’ll have to see what the Lord provides,” Vuolo added.

Jinger Duggar pregnant rumors were much more prevalent when she was courting and when she got engaged. Her sisters, Jill and Jessa, were hit with rumors, but they weren’t nearly as believable. This could be because Jinger is known to be more of a rebel than her older sisters. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo broke quite a few of the courtship “rules” while they were dating.

Jinger, 22, and Jeremy, 28, had “[flaunted] their affection” regularly, making it hard to believe that the two were able to cool things off when they were along. That could mean, of course, that the two engaged in pre-marital sex. However, this was just a rumor, and it’s something that the public wouldn’t find out about unless the couple confirmed it — or they were already three months along.


If Jinger Duggar does get pregnant in the next couple of months, it won’t be the least bit surprising. Although Jinger’s family has very strict rules when it comes to their children finding love, marriage is sort of the end of those strict guidelines. As long as Jinger is healthy, there is no reason why she wouldn’t get pregnant sooner rather than later.

Back in September, Jessa Duggar announced that she and her husband, Ben Seewald, were expecting their second child. Meanwhile, Jinger and Jessa’s older sister Jill hasn’t made any pregnancy announcement despite rumors that she and her husband Derick Dillard are expecting their second child. Some find it odd that Jill and Derick only have one child, but they have been very busy over the past year and have poured their hearts and souls into a mission trip that took them to Cental America for 10 months. Perhaps now that they are home, they will settle down again and try for baby No. 2.

Will Jinger Duggar be pregnant before Jill Duggar Dillard? Will three of the Duggar girls be pregnant at the same time? Anything is possible with this family! Who do you think will get pregnant next? Do you think that Jinger and Jeremy will end up having a big family? Let us know in the comments section below!

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