WWE Rumors: What’s Next For Goldberg And Brock Lesnar?

Last night, the WWE Survivor Series shocked the world when former UFC star Brock Lesnar was bested by the legendary Goldberg in just about two minutes. This fight, of course, sparked countless WWE rumors about how and why Goldberg defeated Lesnar in such a short period of time, especially since Goldberg is no longer in prime fighting form. So, what happened, and what’s next for the two fighters?

According to the latest WWE rumors put out by Metro, Goldberg was able to dominate Lesnar because he used a signature move — the jackhammer — right after spearing him twice. Metro, themselves, found this turnout of events a bit odd, especially considering that Goldberg already announced that this would be the only match of his “comeback.” Furthermore, while Lesnar has certainly lost matches before, the losses usually come after extended matches of brutality or against a younger, more fit fighter.

This, of course, doesn’t negate that Goldberg has a legacy, according to Metro. Nor does it discount the possibility that Goldberg could have defeated Lesnar if given another fight at another time. However, Metro speculates that the reason this fight took such a short time is because the two fighters are planning to face off again at the Royal Rumble.

“The finish was as clean as it was significant, but the short timing of the contest looks likely to set-up a future rematch, possibly at the Royal Rumble in January.”

And these WWE rumors are substantiated by the recent report by Forbes. They, too, were equally shocked and impressed that Goldberg was able to defeat Brock Lesnar in about two minutes. They even went so far as to question “what year is it?” when they realized how quickly it happened.

However, Forbes speculated that this defeat might spell the end of Lesnar’s career. Forbes also wondered what was next for Goldberg, especially if he holds true to his promise and this match is the only match of his comeback. Does he continue wrestling anyway? Does he go back to acting? What, really, was the point of this fight? These are just a few of the questions that they hope will be answered in the coming weeks.

Finally, the latest WWE rumors put out by Bleacher Report suggests that this match was little more than a waste of time. While the outlet dubbed Goldberg as “GOAT-berg,” suggesting that he was indeed the greatest wrestler of all time, a few of the writers thought that the match was a little redundant and did little to excite them or the crowd.

Others were a little more forgiving in their assessments, thinking that either this match is just a preview of what’s to come down the line at Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania, or this is a sign of an even more epic match to come between two other legendary wrestlers (one writer for the outlet suggested that it would be Undertaker vs. Goldberg next. While this might be a bit of a stretch, it’s also not entirely impossible, given that we never thought Goldberg would best Lesnar).

The outlet has already confirmed that Goldberg is, indeed, booked to appear at the Royal Rumble in January.

What do you think of these latest WWE rumors? Leave your thoughts about these latest WWE rumors, and the match between Goldberg and Lesnar in the comments below.

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