Snapchat Spectacles: Pop-Up Vending Machine Snapbot Stores Selling Out Of $130 Video-Recording Glasses

The beautiful, yellow, and large Snapchat Spectacles vending machines, as they are called in the CNET video below, can be dropped just about anywhere. The Venice Beach Snapbot vending machine shown in the video sold out of all the Snapchat Spectacles they had in stock.

According to the Spectacles website, there is currently a Snapbot selling Snapchat Spectacles at 5 East 59th Street in New York.

The Spectacles site reports that the New York Snapbot vending machine will be open until New Year’s Eve, but it will be closed on November 24, December 24, and Christmas Day.

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Plenty of tweets about the Snapchat Spectacles can be seen on Twitter, as noted in the below tweet, with the Spectacles Twitter account retweeting plenty of those posts. People can be seen waiting in line for their very own pair of Spectacles or getting wristbands with numbers on them.

As for additional Snapbot vending machine locations, it’s a mystery. Clicking “Find a Bot” on the Snapchat Spectacles website simply shows question marks about the glasses, which charge in their own case with a battery that connects to a multi-colored charging cable.

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The sell-out and sneak peeks of the Snapchat Spectacles prove the popularity of the glasses, similar to the glasses made by Google — except the Spectacles allow their users to pair them with Snapchat.

Once that pairing is successful, users can record a 10-second Snap. Users can also press it again to take an additional 10-second Snap.

It’s the future, notes one unboxing video. As seen in the following video from the YouTube channel called TechSmartt, the @Keaton Snapchat user is very excited to unbox — or “untube” — his own pair of Snapchat Spectacles.

According to the Verge, Snapchat has been selling their Spectacles all around the country, beginning on the West Coast and making their way over to New York, when the Snapchat Spectacles vending machine Snapbot popped up next to the Apple Store. Since the Snapchat glasses sell via the single vending machine, that makes for a long line of folks who want to buy a pair — or two, which is the individual customer buying limit. Currently, the glasses are priced at $129.95.

Plenty of video footage shot by the Snapchat Spectacles is also making its way online. As seen in the below unboxing video, the Snapchat Spectacles come in a variety of colors.

The above video also shows how easy it is to accidentally film things with the Snapchat Spectacles, especially when users don’t know how to operate their new glasses.

The hands-free glasses allow Snapchat fans to create plenty of Snaps and Snap Stories without needing to pull out their phones to do so. The Snapchat Spectacles seem like they will really appeal to folks who like to do lots of recording during tasks that require their hands for other things, including workout videos.

As seen on eBay, Snapchat Spectacles are being sold for hundreds more than their original $130 price. In fact, some of the glasses are selling from $875 to $1,200, although others are listed for less.

Some of the feedback about the Snapchat Spectacles from social media can be read below.

“Watching snaps shot with is something else. Doesn’t matter if you turn/swivel your handset with rotation lock; it’s seamless.”

“I’m sure are a great product, but if it weren’t for the hype we’d all call Snap crazy for launching sunglasses in November.”

“Asking someone to grab you an extra pair of is basically the same thing as asking for their first-born child.”

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