Rumored Pregnant Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Attend Couple’s Therapy

It seems that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are working doubly hard to fix their marriage now that the actress is rumored to be pregnant. The exes reportedly attended a couple’s therapy in Santa Monica, and they looked serious when they arrived at the counselor’s office. According to X17, the estranged husband and wife spent two hours inside the office maybe because they have a lot of things to consult with their counselor.

“Even though they didn’t look super happy when they emerged from counseling, they got in the car together and went home together,” their photographer said. “They always look happiest when they’re with their kids so I’m sure they were headed back to spend time with them. Ben and Jen really seem like they want to make it work for their family.”

Affleck and Garner ended their marriage in June 2015, but until now, neither of the two had filed for a divorce. This could mean that they are still working out their relationship despite what they have gone through including the actor’s cheating scandal with their former nanny Christine Ouzounian. They are usually seen together with their children Violet, 10, Seraphina, 7, and Samuel, 4; but this time they were alone and in a serious mood. Watch the video below:

Just recently, there were rumors coming out that Jennifer Garner is pregnant with Ben Affleck that’s why they are calling off their divorce. That could be the reason why the two suddenly decided to go to a couple’s therapy. According to Radar Online, the 43-year-old actor is ditching his wild lifestyle to be with his wife who is allegedly carrying their miracle baby.

“Jen couldn’t be happier,” an insider said. “All she’s ever wanted is for Ben to stop boozing and partying — and to recommit to their family. With this new baby on the way, he’s making all the right promises.”

The Justice League star and the former Alias actress was supposed to celebrate their 10th year wedding anniversary last year, but iinstead,they announced that they are ending their marriage. The alleged reason was the actor’s bad habits which include drinking and gambling. But the brunette beauty really got fed up when she found out about his affair with their former nanny.

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“While Jennifer called it quits, she never wanted a divorce,” an insider revealed.

“Jen wants them to be a real family again — and they can, if Ben quits acting like a 20-year-old trapped in a 40-year-old’s body,” their source added. “And a new baby would be like icing on the reconciliation cake!”

This isn’t the first time that Miracles from Heaven actress was rumored to be pregnant. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Garner was spotted covering her alleged baby bump during the premiere of Nine Lives. In Touch shared photos of Jennifer strategically hiding her belly; and these images ignited the pregnancy rumors. However, there were other photos of the celebrity mom which showed her flat belly — and these images debunked the baby bump speculations.

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A few months ago, Jennifer was spotted enjoying dinner with friends in Santa Monica. One of the paparazzi asked her if she’s expecting her fourth child with her estranged husband. She didn’t directly deny that she’s pregnant, but instead smiled and said “How about that?” as she gets into her car.

It’s been three months since that report came out and there’s still no baby bump sighting. However, Jennifer Garner was recently spotted covering her belly at the 5th Annual Baby2Baby Gala. The way she positioned her hands in front of her tummy would probably spark rumors again that she’s pregnant with Ben Affleck. In case the reports are true, there is a big possibility that the exes would call off their divorce.

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