Kendall Jenner Could Not Resist This!

Kendall Jenner could not resist getting back to Instagram. The young Kardashian is back on Instagram just one week after she deleted her account.

Kendall had reportedly deleted her account because she was becoming too addicted to it. After deleting her Instagram account, the 21-year old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was featured on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Kendall told Ellen that she felt like she was becoming too dependent on the social platform.

“I would wake up in the morning and I would look at it first thing. I would go to bed and it was the last thing that I would look at. It’s a detox. I’ll be back,” Kendall explained.

Kendall restored her account on Sunday morning complete with the photos that she had put up prior to deleting it. She also added three new photos of her friends at what seemed to be a concert. It seems that the 21-year-old deleted her account because she decided to go a seven-day cleanse since she felt a bit addicted to Instagram.

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The young celebrity did not give any heads up that she was planning to delete her Instagram account. This confused her friends and some of them were genuinely concerned that she was going through something that she did not want to disclose. Luckily, Kendall cleared the air when she explained her reason for deleting the social network account on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Her fans were also happy when she came back and most of them welcomed her back through their comments on her posts. She also did not say anything about her absence from the social platform after she restored her Instagram account.

“I was just zoning out, taking it all in. And Kylie wouldn’t put her phone down. I’m like, ‘That’s so crazy to me that you’re not experiencing this.’ That was the moment it kind of clicked for me. And I didn’t like it. So sometimes I delete Instagram or Twitter or Snapchat off my phone for a couple days,” stated Kendall in a statement quoted by Allure.

Kendall’s decision to restore her Instagram is good for her modeling career because she will soon be walking the runway in Paris. She will be one of the models at the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Kendall made her modeling debut at last year’s event. Images of her performing this year will most likely pop up on her account. Kylie will be participating together with her other modeling friends including Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Cara Delevingne, and Adriana Lima, among others.

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During her interview with Ellen, Kendall said she was so surprised that deleting her Instagram account became such huge news. She explained that she also removed her Twitter app from her phone though she did not delete her account. That way she would not find out whether people were talking about her absence. She used this as a strategy to get over her addiction to Instagram.

Kendall explained that she noticed that she would just lose track of time anytime she opened her Instagram app. She explained that once she noticed her own behavior, she did not like it and thus the decision to go on a detox. She also added that she tends to delete the Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat apps from her phone for a couple of days as a form of habit breaking.

The young Kardashian also told Ellen that she did not know that being away from the social media limelight would be so noticeable and was amazed to find out that people were talking about it. Luckily Kendall is now back on Instagram proving that she just could not resist being active on Instagram.

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