Kim Kardashian’s Surrogacy Latest Development: John Legend Comments On Kim Kardashian Surrogacy

John Legend was recently interviewed by Tinashe and Jason Kennedy on the red carpet for the American Music Awards. The two reporters could not help but try to get a scoop about Chrissy Teigen wanting to be a surrogate mother for Kim Kardashian’s third baby.

John Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, is a close friend of Kim Kardashian. It was recently revealed that Kim was considering surrogacy as an option for having a third child after doctors warned her that being pregnant a third time would be too risky. Upon hearing the news, Teigen was quick to point out that she would love to be a surrogate for Kim.

“I would be her surrogate in a second. I really enjoyed the pregnancy process – I loved it. Yes. In a heartbeat,” Chrissy told Access Hollywood reporters.

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Jason Kennedy took the red carpet opportunity to ask John Legend what he thinks about Teigen offering to be Kim’s surrogate. Prior to the question, the reporters cleverly asked a few things, including talk about the new song, “Love me now” which he collaborated with Meghan Trainor. The video, which was launched about a week ago, features Teigen and their daughter Luna. The conversation then led to Legend being asked how he feels about his wife being a surrogate for Kim Kardashian.

“Umm, we haven’t discussed this. We’ll talk about it later,” stated Legend.

His statement was most likely a joke, and he was clearly trying not to talk about it. Chances are that he and his wife had already discussed the matter since such a topic is highly debatable between spouses. During her interview with Access Hollywood, Teigen revealed that she enjoyed being pregnant and would very much love to be pregnant again. She also believes that she would make a great surrogate mother for Kim’s third child.

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Kim found herself facing surrogacy as her most viable option after her doctors warned her not to get pregnant. She also expressed some concerns including whether or not she would love her surrogate child as much as she loves her other children. Another problem that Kim faced was finding the ideal surrogate mother for her third child. Teigen was quick to point out that extending a family can be a tricky journey. She also explained that she did IVF and that thanks to modern science, anything is possible.

Teigen is hopeful that Kim’s ultimate decision about the matter will be the right decision, and she is confident in her friend. The statement from the 30-year-old model also highlights her desire to go through the pregnancy process. She has also not kept it a secret that she wishes to have more children with husband John Legend. She narrated how her friends from Los Angeles are always worried about whether they are too old to have children.

Teigen also pointed out that people who live in New York do not rush to have children. They instead focus on building their careers and then have children later on. For Teigen, family life is a dream come true and she loves every minute of it. She is eager to help her friend Kim K by being her surrogate, though it is not clear what Kim thinks about it. Perhaps it will be featured soon in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

During the red carpet interview, John Legend revealed that the new song was aimed at showing love to people from all walks of life regardless of where they live. Though the interview was inconclusive about how Legend feels about his wife being Kim Kardashian’s surrogate, chances are that he would pretty much support Teigen in the noble cause.

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