‘Pokemon GO’ Updates: Ditto Already In The Wild As Official Tracker Prepares For December Debut?

The newest update to Pokemon GO might seem to feature only marginal improvements and changes to the game, but underneath the surface of the patch lies a treasure trove of new information about the future of the popular augmented reality mobile game. Thanks to the data mining efforts of avid Pokemon GO fans, it was discovered that Ditto, the elusive Generation 1 Pokemon, would be rolled out in the game soon. Apart from this, an official tracker that effectively replaces the old, retired system would also be released in the near future.

The information was acquired by the data mining team of Pokemon GO site The Silph Road. The website’s team thoroughly went through the codes of Pokemon GO APK 0.47.1 for Android, and what they found included several welcome additions to the game. Headlining these additions would be the introduction of Ditto in the game as well as the official rollout of the title’s tracker. While references to Ditto have been spotted in the game’s codes in the past, the new codes for the elusive Pokemon in the newest update has expounded greatly on how the creature would be integrated into the game.

For one, the codes of the game seem to present Ditto as a creature that can be encountered and captured in the wild, much like the majority of monsters in the current iteration of Pokemon GO. Apart from this, the Pokemon appears to be capable of battling with other creatures. Thus, while late into the game, the shape-shifting Pokemon appears to be gearing up for a pretty notable debut. While no set date has been revealed about Ditto’s official release, speculations are high that the creature might finally be introduced to Pokemon GO during the rollout of the highly-anticipated December 2016 update.

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Considering the in-depth references to Ditto in the game, avid Pokemon fans from The Silph Road have even stated that there’s a possibility that Ditto has already been released to the wild. With Ditto’s shape-shifting capabilities, this could be possible, since some of the creatures that are currently in the game right now might turn out to be the friendly, purple monster in disguise. Niantic has been putting a lot of effort in making the game more interesting for its players. Thus, the premise of Ditto already being in the wild is very plausible.

With Ditto’s introduction to the game all but certain, the rollout of a breeding feature in Pokemon GO appears to have gotten a lot closer. This is because among the Generation 1 monsters, Ditto is arguably the most important Pokemon when it comes to breeding. Pokemon breeding gets limited by the creatures’ gender and species. However, this limitation does not exist with Ditto since the Pokemon can breed with any type and any gender of monster. In fact, genderless Pokemon could only be bred with a Ditto.

Apart from the introduction of Ditto, speculations are high that Niantic is also preparing for the official release of its revamped tracker. Pokemon GO trackers are a sensitive topic in the popular augmented reality title’s community of players, with the game’s official tracker being pulled out immediately after its release. As a result of this, numerous third-party tracking services emerged, providing players with a service that Niantic could not offer. This, however, resulted in Niantic imposing severe sanctions on players that were caught using the unofficial trackers.

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With Pokemon GO trackers being the cause of much controversy in the mobile game, numerous players, including the developers of popular third-party trackers themselves, urged Niantic to simply create a capable, official Pokemon tracking feature in the game. While it took months and a lot of grief from the Pokemon GO community, it seems like the time has come for Niantic to finally give players what they need in the game.

A new type of tracker, this time being closely tied to Pokestops, has been in its test phases recently, with the new feature being rolled out in select cities across the United States. The most recent update includes even more references to a new tracking feature in the game, fueling further speculations that Niantic is simply refining the feature until it is ready for an official reveal. With regards to the new tracker’s debut, rumors are high among avid Pokemon GO players that the revamped system would be rolled out in the December update, which is speculated to be one of the most important and patches that would be rolled out in the game to date. For now, at least, it seems like avid Pokemon GO fans could look forward to a very eventful December.

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