‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis Finds Trouble, Lulu And Dante Have A Surprise, And Thanksgiving Brings Chaos [Updated]

General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 21 tease that Alexis will end up in a difficult position after trying to have a happy holiday with her girls, relationships go through emotional ups and downs, and the Thanksgiving holiday brings chaos. Sonny has been released and is on house arrest and Curtis is now working with Sam and Jason to figure out the truth about the car bombing. Someone mysterious is blackmailing Julian, and Finn is scrambling to save Hayden. What can everybody expect next?

Jax has been lending Carly quite a bit of support in the wake of Morgan’s death and the sparks started to fly between them once again. They realized, however, that they needed to cool things down and remain friendly, and Nelle overheard the conversation. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nelle will likely use this to her benefit soon, perhaps even running to a struggling Sonny to create more drama for him with his estranged wife.


Jason and Sam continue to dig into the car explosion and they have uncovered some leads, but they continue to run into dead ends. They have decided to work with Curtis rather than against him now that he’s no longer working with Julian and while they have not yet figured out how this all pieces together, they are determined to find answers. In the meantime, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps share that there’s a cryptic call on the way for Julian and viewers and this is surely from his mysterious blackmailer.

Jordan and Andre will share some positive moments together, but General Hospital spoilers also hint that they will face a new obstacle during the coming week. TJ will pop back into the mix of things as well, and he will connect with Curtis and talk about the importance of spending Thanksgiving with family. Kiki and Dillon are going to be spending some time together and Scott will manage to pull a fast one over on Lucy. She will be taunting him about how she has Morgan’s pills that he’s so anxious to snatch, and while she may think that she has the upper hand, it sounds as if he will get the better of her on this front soon.

Alexis will be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner as well. She is in a great mood heading into the meal, telling her daughters that she has good news to share. This is likely related to how she thinks she will manage to get her law license back in January. Unfortunately, things will not go quite as planned for her as the holiday plays out.

Julian will manage to confront Alexis, threatening to expose her secret according to Soap Central. It sounds likely that she will have been drinking heading into this confrontation and juicy General Hospital spoilers from the latest preview show that she will seemingly run over Julian with her car. Alexis may have thought that she was on the brink of turning her life around after all of the difficulties she’s endured the past few months, but this incident will surely turn everything upside down.

It’s not Thanksgiving in Port Charles without a Quartermaine gathering and General Hospital spoilers note that Tracy will be determined to turn things around for the family this holiday. However, the odds are definitely stacked against her and viewers will be curious to see what kind of chaos plays out for the Quartermaines this time around. There’s news on the way from Lulu and Dante, as it seems that they’re throwing a wedding into the mix of the holiday celebration and that may be a bright spot to an otherwise dramatic week in Port Charles.

There will not be new episodes of General Hospital airing on either Thursday or Friday due to Thanksgiving. However, spoilers tease that there is plenty of action on the way during the new episodes set to air Monday through Wednesday.

How far will Alexis sink before she pulls herself together? What’s the truth behind the car bomb that killed Morgan? Could Carly and Jax still end up reuniting, and what is the truth about Nelle? General Hospital spoilers tease that there are juicy twists and turns on the way and viewers will be quite anxious to see where things head next.

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