Found Footage Horror Movies Now Streaming On Hulu

Hulu is currently featuring some scary, creepy, and often disturbing found footage horror films that are sure to give you chills and goosebumps while viewing. If this is your genre of choice, enjoy the following now streaming on the service:

Home Movie (2008)

This interesting little film is a cut above the usual found footage fare, as it not only surprises with its unexpected twists and turns, but features a well-known commodity in the starring role.

Adrian Pasdar, who is probably best known for his role as Nathan Petrelli in Heroes, plays pastor David Poe, who, with his psychologist wife, Clare (Cady McClain), moves to a rural location in upstate New York.

The couple has two young twins, Jack (Austin Williams) and Emily (Amber Joy Williams), who begin to behave strangely as Halloween nears, thus, David and Clare decide to document their interactions with the children on video. The behavior of the twins becomes increasingly bizarre as the family unravels with terrifying results. Home Movie is rated R.

Delivery: The Beast Within (2013)

While a new reality television show documents the pregnancy of a young couple, Kyle and Rachel Massy (Danny Barclay and Laurel Vail), the camera captures unexplainable events that seem to indicate their unborn child may be at risk. During the film, viewers become entrenched and invested in Rachel’s well-being, especially when she begins to bleed and is rushed to the hospital. The footage making up much of the movie is supposed to be the behind-the-scenes video, giving the audience an intimate look at the issues the young couple is dealing with.

This is evident when Rachel begins to believe that her unborn child is actually a demonic creature who will eventually destroy the world.

The film is only about 84 minutes long, which is a perfect length for this type of found footage thriller, keeping it tight and moving along to a satisfying end.

Megan Is Missing (2011)

The found footage movie Megan Is Missing is a gritty, realistic film that serves as a cautionary tale for parents and teenagers regarding the dangers lurking on the internet. Although this may not have been the movie’s true intent, the film mirrors recent news headlines about young girls who have vanished or have been harmed after meeting an alluring stranger on the web.

The movie revolves around 14-year-old Megan (Rachel Quinn), who is experienced with boys and enjoys partying. Megan is best friends with 13-year-old Amy (Amy Herman), a virginal character. Essentially, Megan meets someone named Josh in a chatroom and decides to meet up with him, which results in her disappearance. Amy frantically worries about her friend, and is determined to find Megan and documents much of her search on video.

The film takes a disturbing turn near the end, which The Horror Club notes was “morose… powerful…” and caused feelings of “true dread.” Megan Is Missing is difficult to watch at times, as it takes an intense look at what can occur when young teens are given unfettered access to the internet and the sometimes dark world it encompasses.

Devil’s Pass (2014)

This film, entitled The Dyatlov Pass Incident for an international release, revolves around five university students who investigate the 1959 disappearance of a group of Russian hikers.

According to Variety, the film is directed by Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger) and is inspired by a “real-life case that has… grown into a hoodoo-laced old wives’ tale…”

Predictably, the U.S. students never return from their quest, therefore, the footage they shot during their investigation was recovered outside of their presence. The details behind these vanishings are both shocking and somewhat unexpected, as Harlin introduces a unique presence to wrap up the story. Devil’s Pass is rated R.

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