NFL Schedule: Green Bay Packers Try To Save Season Against Washington Redskins

After years of being one of the most consistently successful teams in the NFL, the Green Bay Packers are finding themselves driving through various speed bumps as of late. Superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers is hoping to turn things around and save the season. On Sunday night, the Packers take on the Washington Redskins, as reported by ESPN.

As well as the Washington Redskins have been playing lately, all eyes will be on the Green Bay Packers this weekend. NFL fans are watching intently to see if they are going to be able to turn things around and make it to the playoffs. Right now, the team appears like they are imploding and rumors about Aaron Rodgers have been spreading like crazy as of late.

There are reports floating around that Aaron Rodgers is struggling on the field because of issues that are taking place off the field. Anonymous sources have stated that friction with his family has caused Rodgers to become a different person and different player.

The Green Bay Packers are sitting on a 4-5 record because they have lost four of the past five games. That is not something that NFL fans typically see from a team led by Aaron Rodgers.

Kirk Cousins [Image by Rob Carr/Getty Images]

On the other side of the field, Kirk Cousins is trying to prove that he is more than capable of being a quality starting quarterback in the NFL. There are millions of dollars at stake right now, as he heads into free agency after the season ends. Having a strong showing against Aaron Rodgers, whom many consider one of the best passers ever, could help Cousins earn a bigger payday from the Washington Redskins.

Last week, the Green Bay Packers were thoroughly humiliated by Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans passing game. That is more of a sign of how bad their passing defense is than anything else. The Washington Redskins have quietly put together one of the best receiving units in the NFL, so this game might get out of hand pretty quickly if the Packers do not remain focused.

One person that is not overlooking the struggles of Aaron Rodgers is Josh Norman, the former Carolina Panthers star cornerback, that ended up surprisingly signing with the Washington Redskins in free agency over the summer. Norman stated that Rodgers is still a dangerous threat, who can put up a huge game on any given Sunday.

Josh Norman [Image by Patrick Smith/Getty Images]

To take some pressure away from the Green Bay Packers and to keep the mainstream media at bay, Aaron Rodgers is going to need to lead his team to a victory over the Washington Redskins. Pressure has been increased after losing three straight to the Atlanta Falcons, Indianapolis Colts, and the Tennessee Titans. Those are three games that the Packers normally could have won.

The NFC North isn’t exactly the strongest division in the NFL right now. The Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings are sitting on a 6-4 record and are currently in the lead. With a 4-5 record, the Green Bay Packers have a chance to still reclaim the lead and make it to he playoffs. However, they need to beat the Washington Redskins before they can even think of doing that.

For the Washington Redskins, they are currently playing in one of the most competitive divisions, as the NFC East is simply really hot right now. The Dallas Cowboys are sitting at a surprising 9-1 record, while the New York Giants have shocked the NFL with a 7-3 record. The Redskins need this win as badly as the Green Bay Packers do.

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