‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival: EPs On Melissa McCarthy’s Last Minute Return, Stars Spill Premiere Details

The Gilmore Girls revival is just days away, and the cast and creators of the series are making the media rounds, dropping juicy little behind-the-scenes tidbits to help fans pass the time until the big day on Nov. 25.

First up, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino told TV Line about Melissa McCarthy’s epic one-day return to Stars Hollow.

“We had her for one day and of course we threw her, like, a 10-page scene, because why not?” she said.

For those worried that McCarthy might have been overwhelmed by the workload, Palladino makes it clear the A-list star was on board all the way.

“She did say, ‘Bring it,’ and we brought it.”

Palladino went on to say that, despite all the drama leading up to McCarthy’s participation on the Gilmore Girls revival, the Ghostbusters star was a joy on set.

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“The weird thing was, she walked on [sporting Sookie’s signature] ponytails, and the chef thing and [everything] sort of clicked back into the way it was,” said Palladino. “She was just delightful.”

Meanwhile, Vanity Fair talked with several members of the Gilmore Girls revival cast at the Hollywood premiere of the first episode on Friday night.

Series lead Lauren Graham was beaming to fans on the red carpet and said she was thrilled to return to the show that put her on the map.

“It’s been amazing to revisit these characters all these years later. When the show ended, I wasn’t done. I was left wanting more. So it’s just incredible to get to do it again. I love playing Lorelai. I always felt a kinship with this part. There’s a joy and a wonder in how she approaches everything. She’s always upbeat, and I love her sense of humor and the lens through which she sees the world. It’s very uplifting and an energizing part to play. It’s really one of the best written roles.”

Alexis Bledel, who started working on Gilmore Girls when she was just 18, was also excited to be back.

“Coming back was a rare opportunity, and a surreal experience,” she said. “I am proud of what we have accomplished. This was really Amy’s vision, and the story she has created is something very real and honest, especially with my character. You will see Rory as still the hard worker working in journalism, but she’s a little lost and doesn’t have everything figured out in life.”

Graham couldn’t give away too many spoilers about the Gilmore Girls revival, but she did hint that the new mini-series is more layered than previous seasons.

“The biggest difference is all these people are grown-up. There’s still a lot of jokes and light moments, but this time it has a greater depth. There’s a death and sadness and more love and emotion. I cried the whole way through the entire script. I thought it was just beautiful and fitting and what I wanted it to be and hoped for.”

Finally, Sean Gunn — who plays Kirk, one of Stars Hollow’s most eccentric characters — talked to Entertainment Weekly about his character’s special appeal to fans.

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“I think you’re always going to have a huge section of people in the audience who either know someone like Kirk or they feel like Kirk themselves sometimes,” said Gunn. “Everybody can relate to that feeling that, ‘I’m having one of those days where I’m not doing anything right.’ And Kirk feels like that all the time. He wants so desperately to do the right thing and to be loved and respected, but he just can’t seem to get it right.”

Gunn also talked about the surprise reveal in the Gilmore Girls revival trailer that Kirk gets to attend the show’s iconic Friday night dinner with the Gilmore family.

“That was very fun to shoot. Over the whole course of the series, I almost never got to work with Kelly Bishop, and she’s such a master. She’s such a brilliant actress, so it was nice to be able to interact with her a little more.”

The Gilmore Girls revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life, premieres on Netflix on Friday, Nov. 25.

Are you excited for the return of the Gilmore Girls?

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