Kylie Jenner Topless: Tyga Disappointed With Raunchy Photos Amid ‘KUWTK’ Pregnancy Reports

Kylie Jenner recently took part in a daring photoshoot with her rapper boyfriend, Tyga, but according to sources, the 27-year-old isn’t all too happy about them.

Having initially thought that the photos of Kylie posing topless with Tyga would only be kept between the two of them, Jenner ended up making a move to publish these photos on her Instagram, confirming that they will also be displayed at her forthcoming pop-up store.

Hollywood Life is alleging that Tyga completely hates the idea. While he’s seen smiling and laughing in the photos, his feelings concerning Kylie Jenner’s decision to put the photos out for the world to see is quite the opposite — to the point where he’s bound to step in and take action.

“The topless pics of Kylie snuggling with Tyga looks super sexy and cool, but Tyga wasn’t all that happy about them,” a source tells the outlet. “He hates it when she poses topless, but she pushed it and insisted it was an artistic choice for her store.”

Tyga allegedly thinks that with Kylie Jenner consistently choosing to pose naked for photo shoots, she’s somewhat presenting herself as a single woman. The rapper is under the impression that someone who’s in a committed relationship would not dare to participate in explicit shoots for any reason — no matter how artsy they may appear.

And it seems evidently clear at this point that the 27-year-old father of one is beginning to struggle with Kylie Jenner’s alleged attention-seeking ways, as the source explains. The “Faded” hitmaker has seen a notable change in Kylie since he first started dating her, and now it’s gotten to a point where gaining attention has almost overtaken their relationship.

Kylie Jenner’s fans are being exposed to every single thing about her life and Tyga seems to have a problem with that, especially when it comes to his girlfriend posing naked without his permission to do so.

“Ever since her glam make over, he feels like she’s such an attention addict and the more bold she gets, specifically with nudity, the more attention she gets. For Tyga, it was like she pulled a scab off an old wound.”

News of Tyga’s struggle to embrace Kylie Jenner’s decision in posing topless for a shoot comes just weeks after reports claimed the 19-year-old was considering the idea of starting a family with her boyfriend of two years.

According to multiple outlets, including E! Online, Kylie had already stressed the idea to her family members, who were all very much against the idea, but Jenner isn’t paying attention to her siblings. She’s said to be convinced that having a baby is the next step in her relationship with Tyga, along with plans to eventually tie the knot in a beautiful ceremony out of the country.

Kim Kardashian has been very vocal about her concerns regarding Kylie Jenner’s plans to get married, suggesting that Kylie Jenner should think those plans through again. After all, she’s accomplished so much at her young age, and her brand just keeps on rising. The last thing Kim wants is for Kylie to experience a downfall all over drama with Tyga.

What do you make of this? Do you see Kylie Jenner getting married in the near future? And should she have the right to pose and publish topless photos without her boyfriend’s consent?

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