Mariah Carey Wants $50 Million Settlement Because James Packer Used Her To Make More Money

Mariah Carey is going through a broken engagement from billionaire James Packer and news that her ex-husband Nick Cannon is expecting a baby with another woman. It turns out that Mariah’s shocking demands for a $50 million payout from Packer aren’t so over-the-top after all.

Word is that the settlement negotiations between Mariah and James aren’t going so well but the songstress has good reason to ask her billionaire ex-fiance to front her some cash for her troubles. According to Ask Kissy, Mariah Carey is feeling very used post break up with James Packer and she feels like she deserves a little financial reward considering all that she did while they were together.

Mariah is reportedly accusing James of using her to get ahead in a couple of pretty huge business deals and therefore, the billionaire used her to make more money. A source told Kissy that Mariah was forced to go along with James on numerous business meetings where she had to play the nice girlfriend and meet other rich people and foreign dignitaries while she was dating the Australian businessman.

On top of that, Mariah Carey also argues that she picked up her whole life and moved from New York City so she could be with James Packer. With their shocking October break up, now Mariah is left to pick her life back up and she feels that James should help pay for that too. Especially since their broken engagement is because of something he did to Mariah’s assistant during the October trip to Greece. Mariah reportedly left their yacht mid-vacation and hasn’t seen Packer since. There’s still no word on what he did that was so wrong and it’s not even fair to speculate since there has been no indication of what he may have done.

According to the report, James’ Packer’s people say that he doesn’t want to give Mariah Carey a dime. As far as he’s concerned, they never got married and because of that, James feels that he doesn’t owe Mariah anything. The former couple had been hammering out their prenup, which was said to be very long but now none of that matters because they never signed on the dotted line. That must be a huge relief to Packer, who would have been forced to pay up if he had gone through with his Mariah Carey wedding plans.

Mariah already made it clear that she plans to keep her $10 million diamond engagement ring that James gave her. His camp says that if she gets any money as a payout from James Packer, it will be to shut her up. Maybe he’ll consider paying her the $50 million settlement that she wants as a sort of hush payment to keep the details of whatever happened to her assistant from coming out. So far, neither Mariah or her assistant have been willing to disclose any details about what went down on that yacht in Greece that made Mariah pack up, go home, and call off her engagement.

Carey certainly isn’t letting her love life get her down now that her engagement to James Packer is over. Just days after the news went public that she was single again, Mariah was seen out with one of her backup dancers Bryan Tanaka. Just months before, Packer had a jealous fit about Tanaka always being around Mariah even when he wasn’t dancing due to an injury. Packer had Tanaka banned from the casino where Mariah performed in order to keep the two apart.

It looks like Packer may have been right to keep tabs on Mariah’s backup dancer because ever since their split, Mariah has been seen out with him on numerous dates. At least the “One Sweet Day” singer isn’t spending her holidays alone.

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