‘Jaws 3-D’ Could Finally Be Headed To Blu-Ray

Jaws 3-D could finally be headed to Blu-ray, according to IGN. The high-definition version of the three-dimensional sequel was originally supposed to arrive on retail shelves the same day as Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. However, August 24 came and went, and Jaws 3D never manifested. Fans of the film were understandably disappointed.

During the 12 Hours of Terror movie marathon at the Capitol Theater in Cleveland, Ohio over the weekend, audience members were treated to Universal’s freshly-scrubbed version of Jaws 3-D. The new digital 3D print could be a sign that the studio is finally getting around to putting the flick on Blu-ray. Even a critically-panned sequel probably looks good in high-definition.

Sadly, it’s unclear when, exactly, Universal plans to release the film to shark-hungry Blu-ray collectors. However, IGN explains that those in attendance at the 12 Hours of Terror claimed the new digital 3D print of the Jaws sequel looked absolutely fantastic. This is certainly good news for those who were disappointed when the film didn’t materialize earlier this year.

The folks over at High Def Digest speculated that perhaps Universal had pulled the release at the last minute. Another popular theory was that certain websites jumped the proverbial gun by announcing the movie’s Blu-ray debut. Regardless, people are seriously interested in owning the feature. Given that Universal has a spiffy new digital 3D print of the film making the rounds, there’s a strong possibility a new release date could be announced in the near future.

Presently, the only way to own Jaws 3-D in its original format is to drop a considerable amount of money on the Sensio high bitrate DVD. Unfortunately, Amazon is currently listing the disc at $276, and that’s for a used copy. Holding onto your money for a proper Blu-ray release is probably the best idea.

Are you looking forward to owning Jaws 3-D on Blu-ray?

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