Heartbreaking Footage Of Teacher Snatching Microphone From Autistic Boy During Thanksgiving Play Goes Viral [Video]

A Thanksgiving Day play at Nutter Fort Primary School ended in tears after a teacher snatched the microphone from an autistic six-year-old boy.

The Independent Journal Review reported that six-year-old Caleb Squires is an extremely cherished member of the West Virginia community.


According to the autistic boy’s father, Kent Squires, Caleb is a child with a very big heart. He described Caleb to have the “biggest heart” and claimed he was “always happy.” In the Facebook video below, the autistic boy’s father shares heartbreaking footage of his son crying on the stage after the teacher snatched the microphone away from him.


In the caption of the video, the father of the autistic boy talks about how excited his son was to have the role of the turkey in the play. The father of the autistic boy made the decision to post the video on Facebook with the hopes of reaching out to people and finding out if anything can be done about the teacher who snatched the microphone away from his son and made him cry on stage.

According to a Facebook post by Amanda Riddle, the six-year-old autistic boy was geared up to play the role of the turkey for his Thanksgiving Day play. The post claimed the autistic boy was really looking forward to the play.


The play, unfortunately, quickly turned into a nightmare for six-year-old Caleb as the teacher stepped up and snatched the microphone away from him before he was able to deliver the line “gobble gobble,” which he had been looking forward to doing.

In the heartbreaking video footage the autistic boy’s father shared, you can see Caleb screaming “Oh no!” when he realizes the teacher has taken the microphone away from him and he cannot say his line.

Feeling heartbroken and embarrassed, the boy started to cry on the stage. Like her autistic son, Amanda Riddle also left the play in tears after witnessing the special moment her son had been looking forward to get snatched away from him as the teacher took the microphone just before he could say his line.

Enraged by what had occurred, the autistic boy’s father posted the video above on Facebook to tell people how excited his son was to have the role in the play.

The mother of the autistic boy also shared a Facebook post expressing how she felt about the teacher who snatched the microphone away from her son because he got to say the line he had been so excited about.

“I’m sick of kids that are not considered “normal” be treated the way they are. Caleb I love you and you were a h*** of a turkey.”

The autistic boy’s mother suggested in the post that the teacher may have treated him the way she did because of his autism.


It didn’t take long for the heartbreaking footage the father posted of the teacher snatching the microphone from his autistic son away to get flooded with comments. People who saw the video were enraged by what had happened to this child. Many of the comments encouraged the father to keep fighting until something was done and the teacher was punished for what she had done.

One Facebook user wrote: “I’m so sorry…this is just heartbreaking! I cannot begin to imagine how your son must have felt. What an awful thing to happen to a child. I don’t care what ‘reason’ there was for this…it was wrong!! EVERY child deserves their moment. God Bless you and yours.”

Another Facebook user posted: “Wow….what a poor excuse for a teacher!!!!”

Another added:

“I am a teacher, and I have every authority to say that people like this have no business in any classroom. It is extremely hard to fire teachers because of the unions, but I hope the principal and board go through every hurdle to get this woman fired and away from all children.”

According to WDTV 5, the teacher did not mean to snatch the microphone away from the autistic boy. Mark Manchin, the superintendent of Harrison County Schools, claims the heartbreaking video footage is being investigated by the school board, but he thinks the teacher just “made a mistake.” He goes on to say he does not believe the teacher snatched the microphone out of malice or that she had any bad intentions. Mark Manchin also goes on to claim the play was already over when the incident occurred and that the autistic boy’s line “gobble, gobble” was not part of the final script for the performance.




Nutter Fort Primary School has shared a program of the Thanksgiving Day play on Facebook claiming that Caleb – the autistic six-year-old – was never in the play to begin with. Krystal Riley, who shared the program, claims the parents are lying and that there was no “malice.” In the comments on the picture of the program, Krystal also goes on to talk about how she believes the parents set Caleb up for failure and it is there fault he was on the stage crying.

Do you think the school is just trying to protect the teacher or do you think the teacher really did make a mistake when she snatched the microphone from the autistic boy? What would you have done if you had been the parent of this autistic boy? More importantly, do you think the parents are lying about the child ever having a part in the play? Share your thoughts on this heartbreaking footage in the comments below.

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