‘American Horror Story’ Creator Ryan Murphy Leaks ‘Asylum’ Spoilers

American Horror Story fans beware: Creator Ryan Murphy talked Asylum in a recent interview and leaked some juicy spoilers regarding character fates and upcoming story arcs.

WARNING: Spoilers follow. You have been warned.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Murphy talked a bit about the characters introduced in last week’s “Welcome to Briarcliff” and what’s to come as the season progresses. He specifically singled out Adam Levine’s present-day character, who was dismembered last week. Though the modern-day story arc seemed confusing and pointless to many, he sub-plot does play into the season’s greater mythology.

While Levine and Jenna Dewan-Tatum won’t be appearing in every episode, their arc is important as a “story within a story,” says Murphy. He also said that Levine’s character might live through the dismemberment.

On the “Bloody Face” legend introduced last week, Murphy says that viewers will find out who he is and if the original Bloody Face is still alive. This week’s Halloween episode will also reveal the story behind the “staircase woman” in the promos, who pulls an Exorcist and crab walks backwards down a flight of stairs.

As far as the creatures in the woods: They’re called Raspers, and they’ll be alluded to more often than they are seen, like the space aliens.

Speaking of aliens, they may or may not actually be real. The disappearance of Kit Walker’s wife will be played out over the course of the season. Their back story will be further fleshed out with flashbacks, notes MSN.

Though Murphy was still mum on the appearance of season 1 lead Dylan McDermott, he specified that Frances Conroy will give an angelic performance in Episode 7 and Ian McShane will make his grand entrance in Episodes 8 and 9.

Are you a fan of American Horror Story? Have you been keeping up with Asylum?

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