‘American Horror Story’ Season 7 Teasers: Lady Gaga Might Return

American Horror Story Season 7 might bring back a mysterious character from Season 6 to further expand her role in the universe that Ryan Murphy created.

American Horror Story: Roanoke has just ended and the critics are somewhat divided on how the finale fared. Some critics thought that the ending of Season 6 was one of Ryan Murphy’s best season finales since Asylum, while others thought that it ended with a whimper instead of a bang.

But despite the criticism of a lot of TV critics and fans, most of them would agree that the series benefited greatly from Lady Gaga’s inclusion to the cast due to her character’s mysterious and intriguing role in the story.

It was revealed that Lady Gaga’s Scathach was an Englishwoman of Druid descent who managed to stow away on the ship that brought English colonists to Roanoke.

It was also revealed that Scathach was a witch who helped Thomasin (Kathy Bates) endure her suffering from the English colony that despised her and possibly gave her the power to live forever.

But Lady Gaga’s character is much more than just an eerie witch. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Murphy revealed that the singer/actress’s character is actually the first Supreme Witch who was mentioned in the Coven season.

Even though Lady Gaga didn’t return to Season 6 after making a brief appearance in the show’s faux reenactment scenes, Murphy promised that she will return in a later season to reprise her role as the Supreme Witch.

Murphy told a crowd of reporters during Entertainment Weekly’s PopFest in October that they are already planning on exploring a crossover story between the Coven season and the Murder House season.

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He said that the mashup between the first and third season will be “very bizarre,” although he refused to elaborate on how the story will be strange.

Murphy did say though that they have started talking to the actors who were attached to the two installments and they’re getting ready to write the story for that particular season.

Unfortunately, Murphy said that the crossover between Murder House and Coven won’t happen in the upcoming Season 7 due to scheduling conflicts.

Seeing that Lady Gaga’s character is tightly connected with the characters in Coven, there might be a possibility that she won’t be in the upcoming seventh season.

Another possibility is that Lady Gaga’s character will provide the jump-off point in Season 7 and in Season 8. Her involvement in the Murder House/Coven mashup might expand her significance to the whole American Horror Story universe seeing as Murphy has been tying up together all of the previous seasons.

If it’s the latter then perhaps the clues to the upcoming season will start to make sense. According to Vanity Fair, the additional clip shown after the finale of American Horror Story: Roanoke featured lapping waves followed by creepy stick dolls to remind the audience that horror will always be around the corner in AHS.

Their take is that the upcoming season will be set in sea and if that’s the case there’s a huge possibility that Murphy et al will explore the origins of Scathach, who spent most of her adult life at sea as a stowaway on the ship destined for Roanoke.

Murphy also shared some details about the upcoming seventh season, and he said that he will re-explore the Freak Show season by featuring characters from that installment.

He told Entertainment Weekly that he plans on exploring the deeper histories of the characters in that season, which could mean that he will go as far as Scathach’s timeline to show the viewers where all the mad characters in the anthology series came from.

If that’s the case, then Lady Gaga just might return in American Horror Story Season 7 to scare the pants off the viewers once more.

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