‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 67 Review, 68 Preview: Mystic Gohan Teased After Zeno Annihilates The Future

Dragon Ball Super has officially concluded the Future Trunks arc, and its final episode both shocked and impressed fans. Though the finale of the battle against Zamasu ended with arguably the darkest twist in Dragon Ball history, the saga ended with a bittersweet note, with the anime even teasing the possible return of Gohan in the battlefield. With the end of the Future Trunks saga, Dragon Ball Super seems to be heading towards even more ambitious heights.

With Zamasu literally taking to the skies and killing every mortal on the planet, Son Goku finally summoned the Omni-King, who subsequently destroyed the entire universe of the future due to what Zamasu has done, leaving Future Trunks and Mai the only survivors from their timeline. As Zeno wasted no time destroying everything, it was proven that Beerus and Whis were not kidding when they previously stated that the Omni-King was ruthless.

This ending to the Future Trunks saga became a massive point of discussion among Dragon Ball Super fans, who remarked that the saga ended with the arguably darkest finale in the long-running franchise. With Zeno essentially erasing Future Trunks and Mai’s entire world from existence, it almost seemed as if the anime allowed the insane corrupted Kai to win against the heroes. In a lot of ways, this notion actually makes sense since the future that the Z fighters were fighting so hard to save was ultimately erased from existence anyway.

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This particular plot development has effectively polarized avid Dragon Ball fans, with many expressing their appreciation that DBS actually went for a rather unorthodox ending and others stating that the saga’s final act simply made all the struggles of the main characters in the previous episodes futile. If any, longtime Dragon Ball aficionados, who have grown up and followed the franchise for decades, have largely welcomed the ending of the Future Trunks saga, with many stating that that DBS appears to be growing up.

After all, Dragon Ball has already utilized the Deus Ex Machina card numerous times in the past, and despite how intense and high-stakes the battles against the villains became, the anime has usually made it a point to fix everything neatly by the end of a saga. Thus, as dark as the ending of the Future Trunks arc in DBS might be, the grim development, which left all the survivors from the future erased from existence, was considered by many as a welcome change from traditional Dragon Ball tropes.

Despite the rather dark ending to the arc, however, Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 still featured numerous classic DB scenes, such as a heartwarming goodbye to Future Trunks and a notable sequence that seemed to foreshadow the return of Gohan as a fighter. Though the scene was very brief, the moments when Future Trunks saw an image of his powerful master as he bid goodbye to present-day Gohan seemed to speak volumes. In fact, avid Dragon Ball fans have stated that the scene appeared to be suggesting that Goku’s first-born would be entering the battlefield once more.

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While it would be too early to tell if Gohan would really be a formidable fighter once more, numerous fans noted that his appearance as he bid Future Trunks goodbye was very similar to his Mystic form back in DBZ. For one, he was not wearing his glasses and he appeared to be in much better shape than before. Apart from this, he was with Piccolo, suggesting that he might have been training with his old master to gain back his lost strength. Lastly, it should be noted that Gohan’s look as he bid farewell to Future Trunks also carried numerous similarities with his Mystic form back in Dragon Ball Z, especially his hair and his eyes.

Thus, while Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 said goodbye to one of its most beloved characters, it also teased the return of another beloved fighter. The next episode’s preview was interesting too, with Episode 68 showing Son Goku attempting to gather the Dragon Balls once more. While the next few Dragon Ball Super episodes would undoubtedly contain some filler material as the anime prepares to enter its next arc, Gohan’s appearance in this week’s episode provided fans of the series with renewed hope that the damaged fighter would see redemption on the battlefield very soon.

Considering that Zeno has been actively involved in Dragon Ball Super‘s story as of Episode 67, the rumored Omniverse Tournament, which was foreshadowed by the Omni-King himself, has become all but confirmed. With this tournament incoming, avid fans of the franchise could only hope that Gohan, in all his power and glory, would be part of the grand battle that is to come. After all, if there’s anything that Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 was able to do, it was to wrap up the Future Trunks saga and set up the following arc in a satisfying, emotional manner.


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