Miranda Lambert’s Latest Album Lyrics Inspired By Divorce From Blake Shelton And New Relationship

Fans have been anxiously watching Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton since their July 2015 divorce. For Shelton, it’s his relationship with pop singer Gwen Stefani that constantly makes headlines. However, for Lambert, it’s her music.

Namely, it’s her newest album dubbed The Weight of These Wings that has fans talking. E! News is calling the album “emotional” as they published an article diving into some of the lyrics.

“Using her personal life as inspiration for her new record, Lambert sings about her divorce from Blake Shelton, the subsequent process of moving on and her new romance with Anderson East.”

The article quoted some of Miranda’s lyrics that are attributed to her divorce from Shelton and subsequent relationship that helped her move on in the song “Runnin’ Just in Case.”

“I carried him around with me, I don’t mind having scars / Happiness ain’t prison but there’s freedom in a broken heart.”

Lambert continues with the theme of a broken heart in the song “Ugly Lights,” according to E! News.

“And I don’t try to justify the reason I’m not living right / I wear my sadness like a souvenir / I drink too much to fall apart that’s how I fight this broken heart.”

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The album, which was released November 18, also features songs co-written by Miranda’s boyfriend, Anderson East. While it seems the country singer has moved on since her surprising divorce from Shelton, the turmoil is still being played out in her music. Fans could have expected as much as Miranda was quoted by Us Weekly as saying her music is a direct reflection of her life.

“Every record I’ve ever made has been a reflection of where I am right then in my life, however old I am. And I’ve never held back at all.”

Us Weekly also reported the 33-year-old singer has been having a hard time following her divorce, which shocked country fans when the couple first publicly announced their separation last year. Miranda has been keeping a somewhat low profile with new beau Anderson, and only has posted a handful of photos of him on her Instagram account.

Fans are given more of a glimpse into Miranda’s mind and relationships through her music instead. Some of the songs from her new album cover heartbreak, while others are dedicated to her survivor spirit.

“I’m bent, but I’m not broken / I’m stronger than I feel / I’m made of flesh and bone / Not made of steel.”

E! News reports this line from “Keeper of the Flame” as Miranda’s “fight song” on the album. In spite of everything, Lambert is coming through for her fans with heartfelt and honest lyrics. As for the title of the album, that was her father’s idea. Miranda said she was looking for a strong title that would pull all 24 tracks together, and her father had the best suggestion, reports Taste of Country.

“When trying to come up with a name that would make the entire album feel cohesive, her father’s suggestion was the perfect fit.”

Miranda said the name felt right as she tried to portray the feelings of grief and heartbreak that she describes as feeling both heavy and light.

“It just felt really big, some ways heavy and some ways light.”

Miranda has never been one to hold back emotion when it comes to making music, and that seems to be especially true following her very public divorce. Her new album comes in the midst of Blake’s engagement rumors to Gwen, which fans can only imagine is hard to bear for Miranda, who was married to Shelton for four years.

As Miranda continues to heal from her heartbreak, move on with her new flame, and make music, fans can expect honest lyrics from the country star.

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