Christina Applegate Discusses Her Emotional Collapse After Double Mastectomy

Christina Applegate is firmly on the road to recovery after undergoing a double mastectomy, but she notes that the battle with breast cancer was not easy. The Up All Night leading lady was diagnosed with the same disease her mother survived in 2008. Applegate sat down with More magazine and discussed her struggle to come to terms with the loss of both her breasts.

The 40-year-old actress noted that she really did not have any time to grieve the loss of her breasts after the mastectomy. The media found out about her surgery immediately following the operation, thrusting her painful private battle into the spotlight, according to Radar Online.

Applegate had this to say about fighting breast cancer amid a plethora of media attention:

“The good thing is that we got the information out, but talking about the facts of the disease, I didn’t have to see what was going on with me. I think when it slowed down, all that came crashing down.”

Christina credits the help of family, friends, and her spiritual adviser with overcoming a total emotional collapse after the double mastectomy. Shortly after recovering from the breast cancer surgery, Applegate reconnected with old friend, Martyn LeNoble, and fell in love.

The actress had this to say about the whirlwind romance:

“We had always cared deeply for one another when we were friends. And he came and put me under his wing. That was it, he was supposed to come then.”

The couple welcomed their daughter, Sadie Grace, into the world in 2011.

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