‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Katie’s Move Causes Chaos In Quinn’s Marriage, Eric Fears His Wife May Lash Out?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Quinn’s (Rena Sofer) marriage may be hitting a rough patch in the next few weeks. When Katie (Heather Tom) bought the house next door to Eric (John McCook), she probably didn’t suspect that Quinn would have a problem with it. She soon finds out why the Forrester family was so dead set against Quinn’s marriage to their grandfather.


Soap Opera Digest reported that Katie’s home purchase sends Quinn reeling as she worries that she may have eyes for her husband, Eric. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that Katie shrugs off her insecurities about her marriage and try to tell her she has no romantic feelings for Eric. Even so, Quinn isn’t convinced and becomes convinced she has to stop Katie from stealing her husband from her.

“Eric encouraged Katie to put in an offer [on the house]. His reasoning was that Katie would be a wonder neighbor,” John McCook said. “However, Eric didn’t realize that in encouraging Katie to buy the house, it set her up to be a permanent thorn in Quinn’s side.”

After Quinn heard the news about Katie buying the house next door, she immediately went to confront her. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Katie defends her decision to purchase the house, and tries to reassure Quinn that she has no romantic interest in Eric. Quinn isn’t convinced and feel that her marriage is under attack.

“There’s this dark cloud approaching, which is not of Quinn’s criminal past, but of her possessiveness and jealousy,” the Bold and the Beautiful patriarch explains. “Quinn does not see herself as a worthy woman. She tells him that she doesn’t think she deserves his love.”

Of course, Eric tries to defuse the situation by vowing to Quinn that nothing will sabotage their happy life together, which helps put her more at ease. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Eric fears that her insecurities will destroy their marriage, and lead to her lashing out at Katie.

“There has been nothing Eric has been able to say, at least yet, to eliminate that dark and insecure place in Quinn’s heart and mind that raises its ugly green eyes and becomes jealousy,” John explains. “The fact is Eric considers Katie a wonderful friend, but soon realizes that her moving next door is a real threat to Quinn’s well-being and the warm and fuzzy nature we’ve seen the past several months.”

Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that Quinn has a heart-to-heart with Eric and they come to an understanding. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Eric tells Quinn that nothing will come between them, and he appreciates that she is so protective of their life together. Quinn seemed to relax after getting a little reassurance from her husband.

“Quinn seemed receptive to what Eric is saying about their relationship,” McCook said. “He knows that Quinn is still going to be overprotective of their relationship, but believes he can prevent her from making any big mistakes. However, it’s going to be a real challenge, for both of them..”

Bold and the Beautiful seems to be working up to Quinn crossing the line with Katie and putting Eric in the position of having to admit that his family was right about her the whole time. Let’s hope that’s not where they are going because Quinn has become almost likable the past few months.

Bold and the Beautiful fans, do you think Quinn will try to hurt Katie? If so, will Eric admit he was wrong for trusting her?


The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays only on CBS daytime.

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