‘Insecure’ Actress Yvonne Orji Admits That She Is A 32-Year Old Virgin In The Breakfast Club Interview

Yvonne Orji deserves an Emmy for her portrayal of Molly on HBO’s breakout hit Insecure. Yvonne was recently a guest on The Breakfast Club where the 32-year old admitted that she is a virgin. That hasn’t stopped her from having one of the hottest sex scenes in Season 1 of her new comedy.

Even though Insecure is clearly Issa Rae’s show, Yvonne Orji has definitely made a name for herself and amassed plenty of new fans with her role on the show. What makes the whole thing even more interesting is that Yvonne has admitted that she made it all up when shooting sex scenes for HBO because she has no experience in that area.

Yvonne plays Molly on Insecure, whose IMDB profile says it “follows the awkward experiences and racy tribulations of a modern-day African-American woman.” Issa Rae plays the lead role of the ultra-awkward Issa Dee on the show, but Yvonne’s Molly is a very close second regarding uncomfortable moments. She even became the subject of Issa’s impromptu rap about her “Broken P***y” which is probably a bit too NSFW to post but those who want to hear it can click here.

Orji had everyone fooled in a recent sex scene with her on-screen beau Jared played by Langston Kerman. While Orji’s character Molly has a pretty active sex life but can’t seem to have a normal relationship, things are the other way around for Orji.

In her Breakfast Club interview, Yvonne Orji touched on several topics including her Nigerian descent and her experience with bullies as well as her sexuality and how religion has given her the strength to wait. Orji said that at 17-years old she was given the opportunity to attend George Washington University. It was that same year that Yvonne was saved and dedicated her life to Christianity and with that, decided to wait until marriage before having sex. Yvonne said that before her religious experience, she had intentions to lose her virginity at 18-years old like so many other women that age.

Yvonne Orji described her life with Nigerian parents and the huge emphasis they put on education. Orji admits that during her school years, she was bullied pretty bad but that her mother pushed her to continue her studies and not worry about what the other kids were saying. Obviously, something worked too because Yvonne has a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

“My mom would say ‘Friends? Are you getting A’s? That’s all you need, they’re just jealous of you,'” Yvonne said. “‘One day, they’re going to work for you.’ So one day, I just came out and said it. Not only did I get clowned for it, but I went home and told my mom it didn’t work!”

Much like her decision to remain a virgin, it seems that Yvonne Orji’s acting fame came with her religious conviction as well. Orji said in her Breakfast Club interview that she was told by God to use comedy to make people laugh. That’s something she is very good at and definitely plays a great Molly alongside Issa Rae’s main character on Insecure. With a Season 2 renewal, fans are hoping to see a lot more Molly and maybe even see where her new romance with Jared goes if they manage to make it to Season 2 together.

Be sure to watch the full interview with Yvonne Orji on The Breakfast Club above. Tune into HBO on Sundays to see Season 1 of Insecure.

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