‘Passengers’ Star Jennifer Lawrence Stuns In See-Through Bathing Suit And Zero Gravity [Video]

Jennifer Lawrence is starring alongside Chris Pratt in the new science fiction film, Passengers, and Columbia Pictures has delivered a first look at Lawrence as Aurora Lane. Passengers is all about mishaps occurring for Aurora and Chris Pratt’s James Preston, so it shouldn’t be at all surprising that Jennifer’s character can’t even take a swim without things going awry. As the new clip shows Aurora struggling in the suddenly dangerous waters, Ms. Lawrence opens up about the rigorous Passengers stunts and the concerns she had for her body as a result of those feats.

A Swim Goes Very Wrong For Aurora Lane In Passengers

In the new glimpse of Passengers shared by The Hollywood Reporter, the scene starts out serene enough, but it doesn’t take more than a few seconds for chaos to erupt. The clip features a solo Jennifer Lawrence, dressed down in a simple white bathing suit. Although the outfit is see-through with a mesh style, solid white padding is strategically placed to conceal her more private areas.

Still, the bathing suit accentuates Lawrence’s form, and as she swims in the beginning of the clip, it’s difficult to miss the Passengers actress’ finely toned form. Lawrence navigates through the water with the form of a professional swimmer, though her swim is cut short after only a few seconds.

Passengers is about a transport ship delivering a group of humans to a distant planet, which has been colonized, when a malfunction causes two passengers, played by Pratt and Lawrence, to awaken from their sleeper chambers 90 years too early. In this new clip from Passengers, another malfunction, the loss of gravity aboard the vessel, turns Aurora Lane’s swim into a struggle for survival.

Watching Jennifer Lawrence swim in the scene loses its enticing quality and quickly becomes a tense experience, as the viewer is drawn into her fight to break free from the watery world created by the zero gravity environment. Lawrence twists and contorts her body, as the motion of the water throws her around, moving in ways that, at times, seems humanly impossible.

Passengers Star Jennifer Lawrence Worries That Her Stunts Left Her Barren

Ms. Lawrence revealed that, while Chris Pratt did do all of his own stunts, there were some things that Jennifer just wouldn’t do without a stunt double. Yahoo! Movies reports that Lawrence shared her concern that a required harness would affect her ability to have children.

“He [Pratt] had to do basically everything, because I suffer from paranoia mixed with delusions,” said Passengers’ Lawrence. “So I thought that if I were in harness, I would never be able to bear children.”

Interestingly, this reveals more about Jennifer’s personality in that she’s sharing her hope to one day have children. Lawrence rarely speaks about her plans for a family, possibly because she’s still searching for Mr. Right, so it’s refreshing to learn that the Passengers star has a dream for a family.

In the same interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Pratt revealed that he was left hanging in the harness and dressed in a bulky spacesuit for an extended period of time. The Passengers actor told the film’s crew that they had better get everything figured out, before attempting to get Jennifer Lawrence in a similar position.

“I just remember saying you guys better get this together because Jen is not going to do this,” Pratt said.

In the end, Ms. Lawrence did agree to get into the harness, possibly out of a concern of losing money. Bringing in a stunt double for the Passengers shot would necessarily detract from Lawrence’s pay.

Passengers, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, and Michael Sheen, opens on December 21 in theaters.

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