Catelynn Lowell’s Baby Bombshell! Did The ‘Teen Mom’ Announce Baby No. 3 With This Cryptic Message?

Novalee might have a younger sister on the way. Catelynn Lowell just teased fans that a new baby is in the works. Did the Teen Mom OG star just announce she is expecting another kid with Tyler Baltierra?

OK! Magazine is reporting that Lowell shared a photo on Instagram of her posing with other Teen Mom stars. Nothing about the image is out of the ordinary, but Lowell’s caption dropped a major hint about her future.

“#thxbirthcontrol Nine months from now I plan on being more awesome!! #stayprotected #safesex #isbestsex,” she wrote alongside the pic.

Fans naturally assumed that Lowell was hinting at another baby with Baltierra. “She said 9 months from now I will be more awesome. Meaning… she’s pregnant so in nine months she will start taking birth control again. That’s the implication I got from her caption. Guess we gotta wait to watch the reunion,” one viewer commented.

Despite the major tease, Lowell quickly fired back that she is “definitely not” planning on having another baby. Was she just trying to throw fans off the trail? Or did everyone just misinterpret her post?

According to Refinery29, Lowell may have been trying to say that she is currently on birth control and doesn’t have to worry about an unexpected pregnancy nine months down the road. Considering Lowell’s past history of surprise pregnancies, having this peace of mind would certainly be reassuring.

Furthermore, it might not be the best timing for Lowell to have another child. According to Radar Online, the Teen Mom OG star has been under fire by fans who don’t agree with her decisions as a mother.

On a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Lowell was criticized for allowing Novalee, who is currently 1-year-old, to run around with no pants during production. Fans watched as the young girl’s naked butt was caught on camera and were quick to voice their opinions on the matter.

“Did Nova just pass by nude from the waist down?” one fan wrote on Twitter. “C’mon guys. Pervs watch TV!”

“How about not showing the little one naked on Snapchat and letting the film crew show her little-naked booty on the show. There are pedophiles out there,” another fan chimed one.

The Snapchat comment is a reference to Lowell sharing a video of Novalee in the shower without any clothes on. Thankfully, the reality star erased the video after fans reported it.

Novalee’s naked behind wasn’t the only thing fans disapproved. They also slammed Lowell for wanting to buy a horse to help work through her problems of anxiety and depression. Catelynn Lowell just had to give away her pet pig because she neglected to properly care for the animal.

“You can’t even take care of Nova, what makes you think you can take care of a horse?” one fan asked. “Did you give your pig away?”

“She should worry about herself instead of buying animals she can’t take care of,” another user stated.

To make matters worse, Lowell previously admitted that she smoked weed to deal with her mental issues. This news came after she went through 30 days of rehab to work through the depression and anxiety. Her stint in rehab clearly didn’t work, and having a new baby or buying a new horse probably won’t solve her problems either.

Despite all of her issues, things are looking up for Lowell and Baltierra, at least in the financial department. According to OK! Magazine, the couple is doing so well with the show that they just purchased a brand new home for their growing family.

A sneak peek for the coming episode revealed that Lowell’s new home, however, isn’t without its faults. While it’s good to see the young couple improving their lot, the house they purchased needs a lot of work before they can even move in. This includes thousands of dollars in remodeling expenditures.

“To do all of the removal, you are looking at six and a half,” a contractor explained to the couple. “Including floors, we are talking about 15 grand,” Baltierra added.

“Let’s just do it so we can get the hell in here,” Lowell responded.

Baltierra was hesitant to agree to the remodeling costs and told his wife that he needed time to think. Given everything they’ve gone through over the past few years, it’s anyone’s guess how the new home renovations will turn out.

In the meantime, it doesn’t look like the new baby issues will be brought during this season. Fans can expect Lowell to open up about her future plans during the reunion. Hopefully, the reality star will come clean and either announce the new baby or put to rest the rumors, at least for now.

Fans can watch Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra in action when new episodes of Teen Mom OG air Monday nights on MTV.

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