Jacob Tremblay Reveals His Fears, Says New Film ‘Shut In’ Is ‘Pretty Freaky’

Jacob Tremblay may not have gone home with an Oscar earlier this year, but the Vancouver Sun reports that the talented actor has just taken home the Best Emerging Performer award at the Union of British Columbia Performers and Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists Awards ceremony which was held in Vancouver, Canada, on November 12. It was his performance in Room, which saw him nominated for an Oscar this year, that won Tremblay the award.

And although the actor didn’t manage to add an Oscar to his already impressive list of achievements, at just 10-years-old he has a lot of Oscar-worthy opportunities coming his way.

Jacob Tremblay was nominated for an Academy Award for his brilliant performance in Room earlier this year. But even though Tremblay didn’t win, he’s still optimistic about his future. In his recent telephone interview with Popsugar, Jacob Tremblay gushed about working alongside Naomi Watts in his new film Shut In and opened up about his fears.

When asked to describe what Shut In is about in his own words, Jacob Tremblay was sweet enough to warn that he was about to reveal some major spoilers. Without going into much detail, the 10-year-old actor said that the film is going to be about a woman (Watts) and her son.

“And, another child named Stephen, and he’s in a wheelchair. And then, scary stuff happens.”

That sure sounds like a very vague description of a film. But Jacob Tremblay also said that the family gets isolated in their own house and then “pretty scary stuff happens,” adding that “something” happens to his character as well.

For the rest of the interview, Jacob Tremblay remained mute about the film. So it looks like Tremblay’s fans will have to wait until the thriller hits theaters to see what actually happens to the family in that house.

Jacob Tremblay did reveal that it wasn’t scary for him to film Shut In, though. Explaining why it wasn’t scary, the actor said there were way too many adults around to be scared.

“But when you watch the movie, there’s no one there, and all the music is there, and it’s all edited. So, it’s pretty freaky.”

Jacob Tremblay also admitted that he has already seen the film, and here’s what he has to say about it, it’s “pretty scary.” But apparently not as scary as Chucky, which Tremblay says was the most frightening film for him when he was younger.

Chucky freaked out Jacob Tremblay so much that he even cried at the top of his lungs and kept asking his mom why she showed such a scary movie for him in the first place.

“I don’t want to watch the movie anymore!”

Jacob Tremblay also revealed that it was “really cool” to work alongside Naomi Watts, adding that he was very excited to work with her because King Kong is his favorite movie. As for his favorite TV series – no surprises here – it’s Stranger Things.

When asked if he could spend a day at Disneyland with any celebrity, who would it be, Jacob Tremblay revealed that he would probably pick Johnny Depp or Harrison Ford.

“I mean, you already see Johnny Depp on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. And then you also see Harrison Ford on the Indiana Jones ride, which is my favorite ride there!”

Okay, so Jacob Tremblay is scared of Chucky, but what is his biggest fear? Apparently, the 10-year-old Room actor has a clown phobia. But not just that!

“…and also, the fear of the dark, and the fear of dolls. Basically, what I’m saying is, I’m a chicken.”

Jacob Tremblay may be only 10-years-old, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t familiar with the 1985 hit film Back to the Future, according to Entertainment Weekly. In fact, the actor came to his school wearing a Marty McFly Halloween costume!

But here’s the shocking part, only adults at his school’s Halloween dance recognized what his costume was!

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