Rob Kardashian Already Changing Dream’s Diapers Amid Depression, Anxiety Struggle

Rob Kardashian is adjusting to fatherhood easier than fans would’ve thought, it has been revealed.

The sock tycoon left many family members worried after having disappeared on his fiancèe, Blac Chyna, multiple times while she was pregnant with the couple’s baby, Dream.

Rob’s sisters, in particular, feared as to how things were going to be once the baby was born. Dealing with anxiety and depression is tough, but at the end of the day, the Kardashians felt that Rob had a responsibility he needed to live up to.

So, how has he managed so far?

Very well, a source tells Hollywood Life. According to the outlet, Rob is actually so good, he’s found himself having no problems changing his daughter’s diapers, having already learned how to do the job from brother-in-law Kanye West beforehand.

Everyone in the Kardashian household has been very supportive of Rob since the delivery of his daughter. But from what sources have gathered, it doesn’t seem as if the TV star needs that much help. He has adjusted to his new lifestyle pretty well, showing no signs of emotional distress from his ongoing anxiety struggle.

If anything, being around Dream has made him calmer and more relaxed. Instead of focusing his attention on his looks and weight gain battle, Rob Kardashian has managed to look beyond that. His daughter has given him hope again, and he’s willing to do everything to make sure she has the best childhood possible.

An insider tells the outlet, “Rob’s on lock down like a mofo! If he isn’t ready to be a father, he’d better buckle up because he’s about to get a crash course. Chyna’s given him a list of responsibilities and one includes diaper duty.”

“He’s getting the hang of it and has already changed several of Dream’s dirty diapers. He’s a champ at it, and actually enjoys it. And Chyna, boy does she get a kick out of Rob making this crazy frowning face when Dream’s diaper is extra dirty and smelly.”

Prior to Blac Chyna’s baby birth, Rob Kardashian was known to have gotten lessons from his famous siblings, including Kourtney, who helped prepare their brother for his role as a father, People reveals. Changing diapers seems to have been something Rob mastered pretty fast, but now it’s more so about focusing his time on Dream’s health and her well-being.

Hollywood Life concludes by adding that Kanye has been tremendously supportive of Rob wanting to become a father. The rapper has given Kardashian endless advice on ways he thinks will make Rob the best dad to Dream, which of course, included nappy changing.

“Kanye would change Saint’s diaper while Rob stood and watched,” a source added. “And then, for good measure, Kanye would take the diaper off and watch Rob put it on Saint to make sure he learned.”

It was just two weeks ago when an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians showed Rob Kardashian walking out on Blac Chyna, leaving his sisters puzzled and confused. Khloe was furious with Rob, questioning him on how he could abandon his pregnant fiancée, who still has the responsibilities of looking after her firstborn, King Cairo.

Sources confirm that Rob Kardashian has changed his ways since the episode was filmed earlier this year — so well that he rarely finds himself in depressive moods, leading fans to believe that Dream may have really helped the 29-year-old for the better.

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