Josh Duggar Still Shunned By Society And TLC As He Is Edited Out Of Wedding Footage Shown On ‘Counting On’

Josh Duggar is still being shunned in the Duggar’s world. He made headlines when a police report was released indicating he had inappropriately touch several younger females, and some of his sisters were among the victims. Duggar was a teenager when it happened, and the release of the information not only was against the law, but it also victimized his siblings a second time.

A few months after the story broke, another huge secret was uncovered. The Ashley Madison hack released the names of several men with accounts on the site, and Josh Duggar was among them. After two scandals in less than six months, 19 Kids and Counting was canceled by the network.

TLC decided to give the Duggar family another shot at a show back in December while Josh Duggar was away at rehab. He entered a program in Rockford, Illinois for faith-based sex addiction treatment. A statement was put out by him, but he never spoke on camera about his mistakes. In fact, the network has barred him from appearing on anything at all. Duggar was reportedly cut out of wedding footage shown on Counting On when Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo were married. Despite not being on camera, the family managed to pay homage to their shunned son and sibling. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Derick Dillard pulled the signature “Josh Duggar move” during Jinger’s wedding. When fans saw it, they immediately knew it was a nod to him.

Society is torn over Josh Duggar. There are people who believe he should be forgiven and allowed to participate in his family’s show while others believe TLC is doing what is best for everyone involved. Last December, the network gave the Duggar siblings a chance to speak out about their brother and what happened. It was interesting to see how they reacted differently, some being more lenient while a few of the girls were still obviously upset. As a family, they are working through it, but it is hard when you have to film around someone who is a part of your daily life. The editing of Jinger’s wedding was definitely a slap in the face for Josh Duggar and a reality check that came several months too late.

The idea that Derick Dillard paid homage to Josh Duggar has stirred up quite the debate. Some fans feel that it overshadowed Jinger’s wedding, while others felt it was thoughtful to include him in a way fans would recognize. Duggar has remained incredibly low-key since moving back to Arkansas. He is rumored to be working at a car dealership now, instead of pursuing his dream career in politics. With everything that happened with his siblings and wife, Duggar isn’t too keen on the judgment he faces while in the public eye. Up until now, there have only been a few photographs of him with the family.

Counting On has been renewed for a third season, but it doesn’t look like the network will loosen up on Josh Duggar anytime soon. There has been talk about a special where he can tell his version of events, but TLC isn’t risking the loss of advertisers for it. A lot has happened since the scandals broke, and it seems like the Duggar family has found ways to cope with the changes. Fans are holding on to the hope that the network will change things and allow him to be filmed with his family, if only for the bigger events. Josh Duggar will likely be paying for his mistakes for a lifetime, especially because of the way his family continues to remain in the public eye.

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