Meet Real-Life ‘American Psycho,’ Rurik Jutting: British Banker, Who Raped And Murdered Two Prostitutes

British banker Rurik Jutting has been found guilty of murdering two Indonesian women in Hong Kong and is now considered as the real life portrayal of American Psycho.

The former Bank of American-Merrill Lynch banker is accused of luring the women to his apartment under false pretenses. According to several reports, he then proceeded to beat and stab the women to death.

An unidentified friend of the accused told The Sun that Jutting grew up in well-to-do Surrey, where his mother ran a nursery school and his father worked as an engineer. A former classmate even told the news outlet that he was nicknamed “Killer.” The moniker riffed on the Japanese word “Kirur,” which means to cut with a sharp knife.

“No one can believe that Rurik seems to have turned into the real American Psycho.”

Jutting joined Barclays bank in 2008 after graduating from Cambridge University. According to reports, after five years into the capital market, he moved to Hong Kong, where he earned a huge sum of money at the same designation for Bank of America-Merrill Lynch.

After suffering from two major breakups, including one with his long-term fiancee, Jutting was regularly spotted with prostitutes in his Wan Chai neighborhood. According to a fellow trader, he often spent $2,000 on alcohol and food per night.

“He was taking cocaine with prostitutes in his luxury apartment, almost like he was trying to live up to an overtly masculine, heterosexual stereotype — just like Bateman,” a friend said. “Maybe he was living a lie with the prostitutes and something just snapped when he was with them.”

Some of Rurik’s former classmates also stated that the former banker was a little awkward around women but was very hard-working and intelligent.

Rurik confessed his “dark fantasies” to the jurors in Hong Kong via a self-shot video on his iPhone. The video was played during his murder trial. In the video, a naked Jutting spoke directly into the camera, and at one point he even moved toward the body of 23-year-old Sumarti Ningsih, in the shower of his apartment.

“My name is Rurik Jutting. About five minutes ago I just killed, murdered, this woman here,” he had said. “I’ve always had dark fantasies.”

According to medical examiners, he snorted enough cocaine that can put people into a coma over a three-day period along with consuming a large quantity of alcohol, before he cut Ningsih’s throat.

Another clip shown to the jurors last week, in this case, shows Jutting admitting that he has also killed 26-year-old Senegh Mujasih, who, along with Ningsih, had gone to his apartment after he offered them money in exchange for sex.

“I imagine this may be my last video, this just happened,” Jutting said, before pointing the camera to the floor. “I have killed two,” he continued. “The first one I tortured. There will be no redemption for me, but they are dancing with angels.”

Jutting’s attorneys claimed personality disorders along with rampant drug and alcohol use impaired his ability to make the right decision.

According to a transcript provided by the South China Morning Post, Jutting admitted that when he was torturing them and murdering them he “felt really good.”

“Yeah, it’s good. I reduced her to a sex object. Then I realized, hang on, this is actually not that difficult or bad. This is illegal, of course. When you step back, you realize it’s horrible, of course.”

There was a time when Jutting earned several million Hong Kong dollars annually which he spent most of on drugs and prostitutes. He admitted during his trial that he genuinely felt self-destructive.

“I don’t like normal,” he said. “I like the extreme.”

Rurik Jutting has pleaded not guilty to the murders but has pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter due to the usage of heavy drugs and alcohol.

According to the latest report from BBC, he is sentenced to life in prison for the killings of Sumarti Ningsih and Seneng Mujiasih.

“The evil I have [done] cannot be remedied by me in words or actions. Nevertheless, for whatever it may be worth, to Ningsih’s family and friends, and Mujiasih’s family and friends, I am sorry, I am sorry beyond words,” read his statement.

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