Melania Trump Makes History As First Immigrant First Lady, Fluent In Five Languages

While much of the election cycle was focused on the prospect of America having its first female president, another woman was silently paving the way to a historic White House moment of her own. Melania Trump made history last night as the first immigrant to be named the First Lady of the White House, but that is only the beginning of the firsts that Melania will bring to the White House.

According to, Louisa Adams, the wife of President John Adams, was the first and only First Lady to be born outside of the United States until this historic 2016 election. Louisa Adams moved into the White House nearly two centuries ago in 1825 and no foreign-born First Lady has graced its rooms since that time. However, that is all set to change in 2017 when Melania Trump moves into the white house with president-elect Donald Trump.

While the White House was occupied by its first foreign-born First Lady in 1825, Melania Trump will be the first First Lady who was born in a foreign country to foreign parents. Unlike Louisa Adams who had an American father and English mother, both of Melania Trump’s parents were Slovenian, neither holding U.S. citizenship. Therefore, Melania Trump’s move into the White House is a historic moment for America as she will officially be the first First Lady who immigrated to America without familial ties to the country. Additionally, Melania Trump will be the first First Lady that was born in a Communist nation, giving her a unique perspective to freedom noting that her family referred to a “wonderful place named America.”

CNN reports that following the announcement of Donald Trump’s presidential victory, Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar issued a written statement noting that he is “very happy that Slovenia was part of this election with our Melania Trump becoming the First Lady of the United States.” He notes that he looks forward to a future of cooperation and partnership with the Trumps and the United States.

“First, let me congratulate Mr. President-elect Donald Trump. Of course I am very happy that Slovenia was a part of this election with our Melania Trump becoming the First Lady of the United States. I am sure that the President-elect already knows a lot about Slovenia. I look forward to our future cooperation and further development of already well established partnership between our two nations.”

While Melania was not the focal point of this election cycle, it is interesting to note that she speaks five languages including Slovenian, English, French, Serbian, and German. Being that her husband will be spending time with dignitaries from across the globe, Melania’s linguistic abilities may come in handy at White House functions and events. This makes her also the first First Lady whose first language was not English and also mark the first First Lady who was fluent in more than two languages. Before Melania, The Professional Interpreter reports that First Lady Lou Hoover spoke English and Mandarin Chinese, Jacqueline Kennedy spoke French fluently and knew a little of Spanish, and Pat Nixon spoke some functional Spanish. Therefore, Melania’s five language fluency is another big first for the White House.

However, Melania isn’t the only one making the White House unique, Baron Trump is also a distinctive addition to the White House as he is the first male child to live in the White house in over five decades. The last time a boy was living in the White House was 1963. As the Inquisitr previously reported, it was John F. Kennedy Jr. who was the last presidential son to live in the White House.

“As the future president prepares to hold public office and run the most powerful nation in the world, Barron Trump will enter the spotlight as the first son America has seen in a very long time — 54 years to be exact.”

What do you think about all of Melania Trump’s firsts?

[Featured Image by Patrick Semansky/AP Images]