Stephanie Hollman Shares ‘RHOD’ Shocker: Did LeeAnne Locken Lie About A Storyline?

Stephanie Hollman has supposedly signed on for a second season of The Real Housewives of Dallas, and she’s been filming with Brandi Redmond, LeeAnne Locken, and Cary Deuber. When Tiffany Hendra announced that she would not be returning to the show, fans questioned who LeeAnne would have left on the show. While the show wasn’t filming, Locken started making accusations on Twitter, saying that Stephanie and Redmond were no longer friends. Of course, Brandi and Stephanie were the best of friends last season, and LeeAnne kept saying that Brandi was now her friend and had distanced herself from Hollman.

According to a new tweet, Stephanie Hollman is now revealing that things are actually just fine between herself and Redmond. Hollman and Redmond haven’t said anything about their friendship, but it is possible that they did have a falling out and just kept the drama away from social media. LeeAnne kept saying that she and Brandi were now friends and that Stephanie was out the outs. But based on Stephanie’s recent postings on Instagram, it sounds like she and Redmond are actually doing well.

“I am so incredibly proud of my friend, Brandi, for chairing her first charity event last night and raising so much money for such a wonderful organization. She did an amazing job and touched so many lives through her work with Folds of Honor. Thank you for letting me share this beautiful evening with you! I love you Brandi! Full outfit details are now up on my blog. Link in my bio! Have a blessed day everyone #FoldsOfHonor #GivingBack #ProudFriend #RHOD,” Stephanie Hollman revealed on Instagram, sharing how proud she was of her friend for pulling off a charity event.

Of course, charity is a huge underlying theme on The Real Housewives of Dallas, so fans can expect to see much more charity-related content on the second season of the show. However, it is interesting that Stephanie Hollman and Redmond are getting along just fine since LeeAnne has been very vocal about Brandi’s friendship with Stephanie.


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Rather than just focusing on how Redmond had possibly forgiven Locken after the drama, LeeAnne decided to tweet out articles that clearly put her in the middle of the drama. She kept asking fans what they thought about Brandi being friends with her now and how Stephanie Hollman was not friends with them. She also pointed to the fact that Hollman may have said things in the press about her.

But it sounds like Brandi was able to forgive her old friend after they had a chat. Maybe they just had a misunderstanding and Redmond decided to work things out with Stephanie Hollman, even though they hadn’t spoken in a while. And since they are indeed friendly again, one has to wonder if LeeAnne is now regretting some of the things she has said about Redmond’s friendship with Stephanie Hollman. One can imagine that Redmond wasn’t too happy about some of the harsh comments she made about Stephanie, as Brandi and Hollman actually have a long past.

What do you think of Stephanie Hollman’s post about supporting Brandi Redmond at her charity event? Do you think these two have worked out their issues and are best friends again? If so, where do you think this leaves LeeAnne Locken?

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